Shortly after The Real Lincoln was published the Museum of the Confederacy invited me to participate in a debate on Lincoln, which I did.  They treated my opponent, a sniveling, arrogant, lying, Lincoln cultist who was in charge of handing out one of the myriad Lincoln book awards, like a celebrity, while pretty much ignoring me.  At dinner afterwards, they barely spoke a word to me, while kissing the cultist’s ass over and over.  This experience taught me that these people apparently believe that they can make people like this man, who hate and despise them, to become their pals. A few years later I was in Richmond on the evening of a big ball sponsored by the Museum to which I was invited.  It was mostly a celebration of the American military-industrial complex, complete with singing all of the war anthems of the Army, Navy, Marines, etc.  The same army, in other words, that mass murdered almost half a million of their ancestors.  I think they call this "the Stockholm Syndrome."
Tom DiLorenzo