Answering your questions about the Museum of the Confederacy
I am passing this email response from a representative of the Museum of the Confederacy to you because I know that you share my deep concern with the MOC’s drift toward political correctness, that appears to me as a betrayal of its original mission (the honoring and commemoration of the Confederate States of America).  I did not realize that C-Span had aired so many MOC "events" over the years.  You can find them here:
I plan to watch them all so I can better respond to those that are currently leading the museum, with a critical eye toward verifiable examples of the MOC’s alleged betrayal of its founding purpose, and those across the South that so generously contributed their priceless artifacts with the understanding that this "mission" would be a source of enduring pride and love for their conquered country and all that was sacrificed to give it birth.  It seems to me that angry responses from self-conscious Southerners would go much farther, and carry a lot more weight, if they addressed specific examples of how the MOC is violating its trust (such as their refusal to fly the national flags/battle flags of our once free and independent country).  By the way, do any of you know if their is a book or article that examines the details of the museums origin that would include a list of the donors and items given to the museum?  Is there a transcript from the meetings that had to have been held at the time it was being created?  Armed with evidence from sources like that would be much more powerful when we bring charges of betrayal, etc. against them in our letters, emails, boycotts, and protests.
Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I hope you are all doing great and that 2014 brings a great revival among our people for our history and distinctiveness as a distinct and separate people.
Deo Vindice.
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From: "Leo Rohr"
Date: Jan 7, 2014 11:46:59 AM
Subject: Answering your questions about the Museum of the Confederacy
Mr. Carlson,
Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to share your thoughts. I hope the following message addresses your questions.
We include links to email staff members rather than listing staff emails themselves as a spam prevention measure. However, if you are looking to know a specific staff member’s email address, you should be able to see it in the bottom left corner of your screen when you hover your cursor over the link. In most cases, a staff member’s email address is their first initial and last name at
We understand your thoughts about the mission statement getting a more prominent placement. Unfortunately, the only more prominent place than a section landing page is our homepage, and its design doesn’t really afford much space for text. Therefore, we felt the most appropriate place to put our mission is on the main page of the About Us section.
As we like to compare our members and donors to investors in a company, we frequently do share examples of how we fulfill our mission in our members only magazine, especially in the annual report issue (please see the attached example). We encourage you to become a member to gain access to this fantastic periodical, which includes insightful articles on the amazing items in our collection as well as museum news features.
The magazine is just one example of how we commemorate the Confederacy and the Civil War. Another way is by putting on special events that highlight key anniversaries, themes, and figures from the War. But our biggest commemorative effort is the ongoing preservation and interpretation of our unparalleled collection, which we strive to make available to students of history for generations to come.
Thanks again,
Leo Rohr
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It would be very helpful to include the actual email addresses of those working at the MOC. Is there a reason why these email addresses are not shown? Also, the MOC’s "mission" statement should be much more prominent with examples of how it is achieving its stated goals. As one example, how does the MOC "commemorate" the Confederate States of America. I know how I do it, but how do you do it?
Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. My email is
Wayne D. Carlson