Commentary by Steve Scroggins

People across the South mourn the death of Truth. He was lynched by an angry mob led by a race-baiting hate-monger from the Nation of Islam whose mouthpiece masquerades as an "assistant professor" at DePaul University. First…some background.

A black man is found dead, hanging from a tree near his mother’s home in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

State and local officials, including the sherriff (who happens to be black), investigated the matter thoroughly and concluded that the death was a suicide. The autopsy showed no marks on the body; everything they found was consistent with a suicide and NOTHING they found would indicate foul play, much less a lynching by white racists wearing hoods, burning crosses or waving flags.

Apparently, the deceased had been involved in a land dispute with a white neighbor. That was all the proof needed for Jeremy Levitt. Besides, the "story" was first published May 16 in an "authoritative"

[smirks and sarcasm intended here!!] publication like—-the publishing arm of The Nation of Islam.

Levitt published a column in an Arizona newspaper August 1, 2004, which stated AS A MATTER OF FACT that the dead man had been lynched. So much for Levitt’s standards for "facts." Now the story is getting legs as other newspapers, like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are running it out there again (August 3rd).

But that’s not the worst part. included with their hate-inciting propaganda story a graphic image that included a hangman’s noose, the word "Mississippi" and…drum roll please……………a Confederate flag (an apparent comment on the Mississippi state flag). It’s shameful and disgusting but HERE’s THE LINK.

So, once again, a Southern symbol is equated with murder—murder presumed to be motivated by greed and racism, and therefore, the murderers are presumed to be white men, most likely wearing hoods. The FCN article contains very OBVIOUS propaganda. It moves from the lynching story into a story about the American tradition of "taking" land from blacks. They compare the today’s ownership of land by blacks to that of 1910. There were many more small farms (black and white) in 1910, the trend has been consolidation and corporate ownership for some time now. The article overlooks these facts leaving the presumption that white America has stolen 14 million acres from black Americans.

This is blatant race-baiting and fear-mongering in its worst form. This is inciting trouble. This is BLACK RACISM on parade. This is really typical of the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan in particular.

Most people of all races recognize Farrakhan for the dangerous hate-monger he is. That’s why Farrakhan needs surrogates like Jeremy Levitt to go out and spread his fear and hate with some degree of "credibility." Whether Levitt is a member/follower the Nation of Islam, or just a "useful idiot" doesn’t really matter—the message of hate is spreading like a virus.

According to the AJC article, Wilkinson County officials in Mississippi are getting phone calls and inquiries about a lynching that was not a lynching. At least, there was no black lynching victim. The victim in this case was the truth. The Confederate symbol of honor was once again doused with mud and the stereotype of Southern people as racists was perpetuated by the repetition of lies. The AJC article took pains to mention the Confederate flag in the story by referencing the story. Mission Accomplished.

This hoax story seems part of a familiar pattern. There is a pattern forming in the host of faked hate crimes that have been in the news in the last 20 years, the most famous of which is the 1987 Tawana Brawley hoax. You remember, the woman who claimed she was gang-raped and beaten by a group of white police officers (in a surprising TWIST, they were NOT Southern white men!!). The story was very detailed and graphic. She claimed she was smeared with feces.

It was all a hoax. Never happened. And who was leading the charge and accusing the local DA and others of participation in the crime? It was Al Sharpton, Victimology Professor of the Democratic Party. See the link above; Sharpton was ordered to pay restitution for defamation.

Levitt has the right to spout his views; he has the right to spin a tragedy to support his political agenda, but it’s just plain WRONG for him to libel the people of Mississippi and America in general with lies and distortions. Granted, Levitt sees white racists in all fifty states and his loathing of America is not limited to the American South. Nevertheless, it’s wrong to incite fear and hatred with lies and distortions (or even incompetent research) simply to further a political agenda. The first item in Levitt’s list of hate crimes was a lie. I have no idea about the remainder of his list, but I’d say the first lie calls the rest into question. Besides, a handful of anecdotal stories do not prove anything conclusive about 280+ million Americans as a whole.

Southern people and Southern symbols are always fair game for character assassination via American media outlets. Stories about hate crimes in New York and California are quickly "boring"…but give them an alleged hate crime in the South, and you have headline news for days or weeks.

It doesn’t matter that a fantasy story began on the pages of a hate-monger’s website….it’s NEWS now. Mission Accomplished, Mr. Levitt, you have the hoax rolling!! How long will it be before the New York Times, the LA Times and CBS/CNN pick up the story? When they realize it’s all a fabricated story, the correction, if any, will be on page 15B. Mr. Levitt, being an educated assistant professor, can always search the pages of to find more "authoritative" statistics and stories to weave into his dark portaits of hate.

Unfortunately, Truth cannot rest peacefully in his tomb. Farrakhan, Sharpton, Levitt and their ilk will dig him up and lynch him again and again.

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