Martin Luther King Jr. Parade – Cross City Florida
On January 18, 2010 the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2086 Dixie Defenders and others marched in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade that was held in Cross City Florida. 
Camp 2086 was invited by the Martin Luther King Jr. parade committee based in Cross City Florida and the invitation was accepted.  Among those attending were H.K Edgerton and Terry Lee Edgerton from North Carolina and various local dignitaries as well.  A 1959 cobalt blue corvette named "The Bonnie Blue Vette" due to the markings on the hood also garnered a lot of attention.
Members of the Dixie Defenders dressed in Confederate uniforms displayed both the Confederate battle flag and the Confederate POW flag as well as their camp banner.  The Dixie Defenders were well received by those in attendance.
Camp 2086, Dixie Defenders Sons of Confederate Veterans along with others that marched would like to thank the Martin Luther King jr. parade committee for the invitation and for all of those who assisted in making the march an historic event. 
Officers and members
Camp 2086
Dixie Defenders
Cross City, FL