He led Southern troops for Union
Letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
From: rwaldburg2@swissinfo.org
To: 1walker@journalsentinel.com

Dear Mrs. Walker:

I have just read your interesting article, "He led Southern troops for Union," in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I am not writing to discuss this interesting story, but please let me leave a comment about a quote in your writing:

"It’d be like an American soldier being buried in a grave and saying it was a Nazi’s," said Bruce Laine, a Civil War buff.

Buffs are not historians, and Confederates are NOT Nazis, Mrs. Walker. In Europe, we are watching more and more often the American Media using this strange comparison, putting Nazis, the Confederate idea, the modern KKK groups and racist hate criminals of every kind into one line.

As the quote is not yours, you’re just repeating what this Mr. Laine said. I would beg you to be more careful on what you write. In Germany we are very sensitive to these comparisons. Nazis are among the worst criminals in History. The USA freed Europe and Germany from this menace to the freedom in the world.

This has nothing to do with the American War of 1861-1865. The Confederate soldiers fought for the independence of their home state, less federal control in their lives and because economical balance between the North and the South had become unbearable for the latter. This was the idea as they understood it. The immense majority did not own a single slave. Respect for these ideas has been kept for more than 120 years. The Gray and the Blue were treated equal. Now we must watch the worst lies and hate campaigns against these honorful soldiers, their flag and the Confederate ideal as a whole.

Please Mrs. Walker, don’t use the term Nazi in any association with the South, the Confederacy, War veterans or grave markers. It’s disgusting, wrong, and it is offensive to many people in the South, in Europe and worldwide.

Thank you for your time.

Raphael Walburg

P.S. By the way, looking for Nazi ancestors of certain people, did you know that the grandfather of the Leader of the Hitler Youth, Baldur von Schirach, a condemned war criminal in Nuremberg 1945, was a Union Army officer? Major Carl Baily Norris von Schirach, a member of the Presidential Escort in Lincoln’s funeral train! So the Hitler Youth leader could have been a full member of the Sons of Union Veterans.

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