Mitt Romney


As a proud Southron I was appalled at the gutless comments made my Mitt Romney and some of the others in the debate. Of course Mitt would not recognize our flag and neither would Giuliani they are Yankees. I don’t expect them to understand the south now or ever. We have been called every dirty disgusting thing since the day Lee surrendered at Appomattox. The Yankee north has tried to run our lives and steal our lands and treat us to high taxes so we could pay for their welfare rolls and sanctuary cities. I will be casting my vote for Governor Huckabee in hopes that we can keep on the right track. But most of all I hope the south will wake up and vote in Pro-Confederate Governors that will lead their states toward secession. I believe that this is the only way to sustain a pure confederacy is by secession once and for all from this corrupt union. If we have to go to war again then so be it. I would rather die as a man then live in a corrupt society of liberals and pornographers and carpet baggers who have made our lives miserable with their hands in our pockets and trying to remove God from every part of our lives. They support the evil Jihadists and call us backwards? They our traitors and cowards and I for one will not stand by and let another Yankee liberal attack our beloved Dixie. Enough is enough it is time to rise from the ashes and declare ourselves free from Washington D.C. and New York politicians and Wall Street money changers and Hollywood liberals.

David & Katy Hubbard
Southern Cross Ranch
Kerens Texas