By: Jeff Adams

There is a patriotic organization in America that has been trucking along for over ten years now, working to make an impact on our land. Mind you, there are many people out there that would disagree with the term ‘patriotic’ to define this organization, but patriotism is at the heart of why this organization was founded.

Most Americans have forgotten what it really means to be patriotic, as well as what to be patriotic about. Patriotism is about love of and loyalty to the people of a certain land, and the land itself. Patriotism is about devotion to those people, the land and the ideals that clearly mark them as unique. Patriotism is not about devotion to a particular government or administration. We’ve all heard so many times the mantra about how good, great and free America is, that we often don’t even realize that every year we are becoming less free, and our rights are being constantly restricted into smaller and smaller circles. And as for being ‘great’ or ‘good,’ that is more us looking at ourselves in the mirror, rather than seeing our country as others see us. This is not to say America is evil, but to say that the government that claims to act on our behalf is not necessarily good, and is mostly self-interested.

We are denied the right to pray or read our Bibles in school, but we say we are free. Even when the overwhelming majority of people in a community want a prayer before a sporting event, we are denied this ‘freedom of expression,’ but we say we are free. Every year, more than 1 million children in this land are denied the right to life through abortion, but we say we are free. The U.S. Supreme Court has effectively declared individuals do not really fully own their property, and can lose it at any time at the whim of their local or state government, but we say we are free.

You are free to ‘express’ yourself when pursuing any form of perversion, but are restricted when upholding traditional values, yet we say we are free. You can say what you think, unless it runs counter to the PC propaganda that passes for ‘higher education’ or the views of the ‘mainstream’ media/entertainment cabal that dominates our declining culture, but we say we are free. We have our finances confiscated and put into a ‘Social Security’ system that is collapsing and returns only a fraction of what most of us put into it, and we talk about how ‘free’ we are. We claim we are ‘self-governing,’ but more often than not find ourselves at the mercy of a remote, aloof government that rarely listens to what the people want (especially concerning things like immigration and border control).

The organization I am writing about was founded partially to combat the problems I listed above. Specifically, this organization was founded to fight for the ideals of the founders concerning what the American union was suppose to be, and the limited role and power the federal government was suppose to have. To say our current reality is out of alignment with what was intended is a gross understatement.

For ten years, without any corporate financing or large financial donations (such as the NAACP, Rainbow/PUSH organization or the SPLC get), this organization has sought to educate people on history, heritage, culture, economics and politics, all in keeping with the traditions, values and ideals of those that created our society and our form of government. For their efforts they have been maligned and misrepresented by the media and liberal/socialist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the NAACP.

Some members of this organization, for merely exercising their rights of ‘freedom of association’ and ‘freedom of speech’ have had their careers threatened, or have even lost their jobs. Mind you, these individuals never attempted to mix work and the activities of their personal lives, but this doesn’t seem to matter to those who attack their rights as citizens in this country.

This patriotic organization has met with a mixed bag of successes and failures, advances and set backs, always continuing to slog along toward the goal of advocating truth. Success is not always defined by winning as the world defines it, but by standing on principle while pointing out those things that the socialist establishment in academia and the media don’t want the average citizen to know.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared this organization a hate group. Why? Because this organization is uncompromising in its positions concerning the Constitution, the role of government in our lives, promoting community and traditional Christian values, in defending truth in history and taking great pride in the South and all that is positive about it. That last item is enough for the SPLC to despise them. But then, this is the same SPLC that not too long ago declared that all Christians were part of one large hate group (could anything discredit the SPLC more than that?). Unfortunately the liberal media mindlessly regurgitates the SPLC’s claims against this patriotic organization without investigating their accusations.

Who is this organization, and why do they face such an uphill climb against such attacks without the large financial support their attackers get? It is the League of the South. One of the reasons this organization faces such assaults is found in their name. The fact they are advocates for positive aspects of the South is enough to bring the full weight of leftist enmity on them. The League of the South also does not shy away from the most clearly identifiable Southern symbol: the Confederate Battle Flag. In attempting to get honest history out to the public, the League of the South finds that ‘bigotry by indoctrination’ (misinformation spread through our public schools and the media) often drowns out the facts (which by the way, for a better understanding of the origin and true meaning of the battle flag, go here .

Having no real purpose for existing, the SPLC has worked to justify their existence by making a boogey-man out of an organization that works to educate and promote traditional ideals that mirror the founder’s concerning government, self-sufficiency, and the place of religion in our lives. The League of the South’s purpose statement says "We Seek to Advance the Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political Well Being and Independence of the Southern People by all Honorable Means." Perhaps the League of the South has had trouble combating the SPLC’s lies and misrepresentations of the League because the SPLC does not approach its mission ‘by all honorable means.’ The SPLC claims the League of the South is an advocate of violence and hate against minorities, but there is no evidence of this anywhere. There have been no claims or reports of League members taking part in acts of violence, much less any actual recorded acts of violence by League members. No League official has ever advocated violence or hatred of others (which is not the same as voicing agitation with politicians, liberal activists and race baiters). In fact, most of the ‘negative’ quotes the SPLC attribute to the League of the South’s organization are actually quotes from people who either have never been members or were former members at the time they were quoted (and they are former members because either the League kicked them out for their views or they left the organization because they found out the League of the South wasn’t a radical/racist organization like they wanted).

The League of the South is focused on defending all that is good and right about our land. No wonder the liberal establishment has worked so hard to insure it is so grossly misunderstood. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a friend of one of the national leaders of the League of the South was murdered in a part of storm-ravaged Mississippi. Here was his initial response to his friend’s tragic death:

There is reason to suspect that my friend ——- ——- was murdered in Hattiesburg last week at the hand of racial hatred. My great nightmare for the last 15 years has been that racial hatred would erupt in racial war. Events in New Orleans have heightened that danger. The violence there has been horrible, much of it the product of years of the politics of racial hatred which everyone denies but all practice. I fear that the terrible events surrounding the hurricane will be used to foment even more racial violence.

In sinful and fallen men, the natural differences between races, just as the natural differences between sexes, always result in warfare and conflict. Natural differences of natural men can only be reconciled by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Only Jesus Christ makes peace to reign between men and men. Every government program and phony man-centered scheme for racial harmony brings only racial bitterness.

Would you join me in praying – oh, yes, for a long time – that God would have mercy on this nation, and by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ reconcile black and white to live in Christian unity and love? Would you also pass this e-mail along to others, especially to pastors, and ask them to pray and work for racial peace in Jesus Christ? Surely if the voices of Christ’s Church are raised to him, God will hear and have mercy on us.

Hardly the rantings of a white supremacist, which the SPLC claims the League of the South is full of. The comments in this e-mail should cause all to pause and think, and to do their own honest investigation of the League of the South, rather than merely taking the word of race baiters and professional agitators. Good people in an organization that works to advance its ideas through education and non-violent means are being slandered for the sake of liberal profiteers. And there is much that the League of the South promotes that all Americans need to hear, if folks will just take off their blinders and check out the facts for themselves. One need not be a Southerner or have a love for the South to see that the League of the South presents truths that advocates for empire and racial animosity (disguised as civil rights) will find disconcerting, because these truths expose them for the liars and opportunists they are.

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