Misunderstanding Limbaugh

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How nice to learn the identity of that great Shreveport caller to Limbaugh’s show. Although the Lincoln issue would certainly make for a terrific debate (as suggested by John Long), Limbaugh is no fool and will hardly agree to it.

There are several types who misunderstood Limbaugh from the very beginning and misconstrued his messages. Among these types were the white nationalists, who viewed Limbaugh’s aversion to multicultural excess and the public pandering to blacks as a demonstration of loyalty to his race. Wow, were they ever naive!

And another group was the southern Confederates, who mistook Limbaugh’s rantings against particular court decisions and politically correct legislation as a sign of patriotism to this country’s First Principles and especially to the Constitution. Many of these people seemed to figure that anyone who could see through the falsities of the eastern establishment would, therefore, be sympathetic to the Confederate cause, right?

From Day One, Limbaugh has been inundated with information sent by well-wishers, designed to "educate" him. Due to earlier comments he’s made, he has been told all about Lincoln, all about the real reasons for the war, all about who did or did not own slaves. He, no doubt, understands the story inside out. He made the choice long ago to dump Confederate types into the bin with racists, kooks and loonies, since he knows, above all else, that he must always skirt the "racism" tag.

The general public believes that those with attachments to the Old South are racists, and Limbaugh wants no taint of this or to be smeared with that brush. Due to his brashness, he’s had several close calls with the racist smear, but recovered. He’s no fool, and he’s not pushing his luck by acceding to anti-Lincoln, pro-Confederate inclinations.

And, besides, I think, like the majority, that is, millions upon millions of Americans, Limbaugh sincerely prefers the popular version of history. Like others, he enjoys walking around that Lincoln monument breathlessly contemplating the Great Man, and drinking in all that spiritual stuff that claims to represent "America at its best." Or, as one Lincoln biographer calls the writings on those walls, "the American Gospel." (Just wait until the Lincoln monument is paired with the King monument now under construction. Those are going to be two colossal winners, each of them filled with stories that emphasize the Big Bad South.)

Those earlier quotes of Lincoln, which reveal his harsh attitudes about Africans, are not impressive to someone for whom Lincoln is an idol. If anything, those quotes offer a yardstick by which the Great Man can be measured, as he "grew" in his understanding of race. The Lincoln lover simply sees this as evidence that the man who eventually became so "compassionate" in his concern for his fellow man, started from a dark place of ignorance and bigotry. Such quotes are destructive only when applied to a certified Klansman, not to a saint.

Because a person rejects what appears to be obvious truths is not a sign that he lacks education or is in need of further information. He’s probably just smart enough to recognize in which side the power is vested. For example, do you really think that all those Congress critters do not understand what the Israeli lobby has been doing to this country’s politics and how the Constitution has been mangled due to the power of that determined group? Having been subjected to the gale force winds of that Zionist tornado, members of Congress are not about to buck it. Some who dared to, are no longer in office. All of them know well that the U.S. has screwed itself because of its one-sided, partisan Middle East policies, but they also know where the power lies, and they’re not about to screw themselves.

I cite this case to give an example of people who are not uneducated or in need of further information; in their cynicism, they’re just very wise. Limbaugh also is very wise.

Elizabeth Wright

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