Mississippi Tea Party
From: gpthelastrebel@cableone.net
Just opened the Mississippi Tea Party newsletter of Nov. 1, 2011. In this newsletter is an attack on Mark Duvall Mississippi House Of Representatives. Now I know absolutely nothing about Duvall, but according to the author of the article, DuVall’s defense of Mississippi symbols at Ole Miss, deserves top billing in his article. The article can be read at http://msteaparty.ning.com/. "Exposing Mark DuVall." My reply can be read under the blogs posts, if it is allowed to stand.
Deep-Fried Liberal Leadership
For 8 years Billy McCoy and his liberal and tone deaf lieutenants have controlled the Mississippi House of Representatives. Mississippians need new leadership that will bring respect, dignity, and integrity back to the House. Voters in House District 19, which covers parts of Lee, Itawamba, and Tishomingo Counties, have the opportunity to help restore those qualities to the Mississippi House by voting Mantachie’s Mark DuVall out of office.
DuVall made headlines earlier this year when he pushed a bill mandating that, by law, the University of Mississippi would bear the nickname “Ole Miss Rebels,” its mascot would be “Colonel Rebel,” and its band would play “Dixie” and “From Dixie with Love” at all football and basketball games. He defended the bill on Sports Talk radio claiming he was representing the priorities of his constituents just as he would for issues such as “public health or transportation.” He could not see how “Colonel Rebel” was “any more controversial than any other colonel in the South,” and justified the bill on the basis that Colonel Reb is “the leader of the Rebel Nation the same as Colonel Sanders is the leader of fried chicken.” He steadfastly maintained there is “nothing offensive at all” about chanting, “the South shall rise again.” You can listen to the recording of this interview at: http://www.yallpolitics.com/images/MarkDuvall012411.mp3
If Colonel Sanders is the leader of fried chicken, DuVall must be his second in command. Considering Mississippi’s economic challenges, its failing educational system, and its lackluster national reputation, if the most important thing our representatives have to do is introduce bills concerning football mascots, perhaps Mississippi deserve to be last in nearly every category in the nation! Unfortunately, not only did District 19’s elected representative waste valuable political capital on this issue, he made the whole district look insensitive and foolish in the process.
My reply——-
I just read the Nov. 1, 2011 newsletter from the Mississippi Tea Party. In this newsletter and on the front page of the Tea Party website is an article, with that attacks Mark Duvall. Why??? Well he dares to stand up for the CONFEDERATE heritage of the people of Mississippi. Imagine that!!! Someone actually willing to stand up for Mississippi symbols!!! It says so in the second paragraph and is the very first thing the writer could find to use against Duvall. And Duvall is a liberal on top of that!!!!!!
Could someone please tell me what is wrong with the song DIXIE? The CONFEDERATE FLAG? COL. REB? I’ll tell you NOTHING. The only thing wrong with these symbols is the person who wrote the article is sorely lacking in the history department.
Col. Sanders, second in command? This snide insulting remark is the best the writer could do on what is supposed to be an informative, political forum. Reminds me of the attacks I see by the Democrats on the Tea Party candidates. I will say this if Mark Duvall jumps into the Presidential election he will have 100% of my support.
Now about the history of the War For Southern Independence, Civil War to you Liberals, I will take on any challengers about historical facts and Mississippi’s part in that conflict, here or on the Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE) website posted below. Doesn’t matter to me I am going to post this attack on Southern Heritage for everyone to see. Feel free to defend yourself.
I thought the Tea Part included everyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion or heritage. I guess it does unless you try to include those who honor their CONFEDERATE HERITAGE. Ever wonder why the Tea Party is losing steam??? Here is a prime example!!!!!
By the way I have two uncles buried in the CONFEDERATE CEMETERY at Ole Miss.
George Purvis
Gulfport, Miss.