Missing those Ole Miss traditions
Ole Miss has been my school and team since I saw Eagle Day play football at Crump Stadium. My dad took me to Ole Miss ball games.
My older brother played at Ole Miss. My son graduated from Ole Miss, and my daughter attended for two years.
I am 62 years old, and I am wondering who is concerned about my feelings and me being offended.
The flag, Colonel Reb and now "From Dixie with Love" are all gone! I cannot take my grandchildren to enjoy and share these precious traditions.
It is a shame when traditions like these are gone because supposedly they offend a small percent of people. The rest of us suffer family, school and country traditions because someone says "I’m offended."
Well, guess what: Something offends someone every day in America.
I’m sure the name Ole Miss Rebels offends someone. Bring back the real Ole Miss traditions or don’t call the university the Ole Miss Rebels.
Mike Foster
Memphis Commercial Appeal – Letters Nov. 19