Misinformation on ‘Civil’ War

Oct 14, 2010

Re “Hands-on history” (News article, Oct. 9):

I read The Star’s article on the students who visited Janney Furnace and expected to see the usual trashing of Southern history. I was not disappointed.

The article said men in Confederate dress taught our fourth-grade children about the “Civil War.” If true, these men should have their mouths washed out with soap by their mothers for spreading lies. Their Confederate grandfathers, if still alive, would use their right-booted foot to teach their grandsons the true history of the war. There was nothing “civil” about the War for Southern Independence.

To make the article complete, The Star had to put in some derogatory remarks about the Confederate battle flag. Crystal McDaniel, a teacher at Saks Elementary School, was quoted as making some nonsensical statement against the flag. McDaniel’s statement makes it clear that the children she teaches will get the same bag of lies that our children have been force-fed for generations.

I am sure the flag of liberty offends many of the “educators” in the government-run schools. After all, if we still had our liberty, most of them would be unemployed.

LeeRoy Alan Cobb