ACCidental mis-nuancing of truth

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Dear Vic,
Thank you for your feedback and I hope this response finds you well.
The conference spent a great deal of time considering the decision to move the 2011-13 ACC Baseball Championships. 
The ACC’s announcement to hold the tournament in this location was made based on the understanding that all appropriate discussions had been held, and agreements made, with the local and state organizations that had voiced concerns over the confederate flag being flown on the state grounds of the South Carolina State Capitol.
Since 2000, the conference has supported the NAACP’s statements concerning the flag issue and followed the NCAA’s policy of not holding pre-determined championships in the state of South Carolina.  In 2005, the conference presidents agreed that the ACC would be willing to consider awarding league championships to venues in the state of South Carolina on a case-by-case basis, provided that the host-site proposal included a plan to work with the NAACP at the local and state levels to ensure a proper environment. In the end, it was clear that our original stipulations had not fully been met and that it was necessary to re-evaluate our decision given the conference’s commitment to diversity, equality and human rights.
It’s unfortunate that this miscommunication occurred and since the original announcement, we have had productive conversations with both Myrtle Beach and members of the NAACP. 
We certainly appreciate your support of the Atlantic Coast Conference and its 12 member institutions.
Amy Yakola, Associate Commissioner


No use, Amy. You try to pass the buck to the SC organizations, but freely admit that ACC has supported the NAACP’s radical-fringe program for a decade. Flimsy — pathetic — hopeless.
Guess where racial and cultural strife comes from? Not from the flying of the Confederate flag over public buildings, but from people just like you. YOU in the rootless institutions are the problem, not the solution. It would be nice to accuse groups like the ACC of only being money-driven but it’s clear they’re fueled by the liberal socio-political agenda as well.
I think you’re a big fat liar about the motivation for moving the tournaments. Most ACC teams are based in NC, where they have beautiful new, much bigger, high-dollar stadium facilities on which the paint is hardly dry. No doubt this development will bring the conference ever more loot besides the geographical convenience.
"The 2010 tournament will be played in Greensboro," say numerous news reports such as 7/7/09 the Charleston City Paper. "It originally was scheduled for Fenway Park in Boston, but the ACC brought the event closer to the center of the league to lower travel costs." Location, location, location, that’s what this is clearly about despite the ACC’s obvious pandering to the NAACP’s portion of the loony-left limousine-liberal agenda. Location — that, and ever bigger bucks. The flag thing is just a fig leaf, an opportunistic pot shot — why don’t you just admit it?
You don’t think we know phony baloney when we see it by now? We do — we had quite a lot of it down here from scalawags and carpetbaggers like you. A few years back, for instance, the liberal hate press (daily newspapers, gloss magazines etc.) put forth the lie that Mercedes-Benz decided not to place a factory in SC because of the Flag. But we obtained an actual letter flatly denying this from a Mercedes spokesperson, Ms. Linda Paulmeno. It wasn’t easy because Mercedes, too, bleats from the liberal script and wants to be as seamless about it as possible. There is strength in faceless, stone-cold anonymity for the "kinder, gentler" heirs of Leon Trotsky today. Isn’t there!
The Confederate flag is none of your divinely-condemned business. You are just an acolyte of the "new" world order, which is the same old tyranny of all history but by subtler means of enforcement and attitude engineering, including strategic denunciations of the existing order by all actors. Political correctness is the new national religion and you’re doing your part to put it over. Does it make you feel so enlightened, so with-it, so truly "progressive" as all that? You’re not — you’re a just "new" world orderly, that’s the entire size and shape of it. I put "new" in quotes because there’s really nothing new about this agenda it except that where it was once rightly seen as crazy and suicidal, everybody "cool" is pushing or wallowing in it now. It’s the "in" thing!
The Confederate flag wasn’t bothering any meaningful mass of people when in about 1993 the NAACP hatched a new plot for wheezing life into its own tired old corpse (almost dead from internal corruption) by launching the biggest hate campaign since the Yankee states, which had sold the South all of its slaves, started the ritual denunciations of Dixie in the 1850s. You people endlessly preach that this "offendedness" over the Flag has got to stop, but you never explain why those people’s supposed feelings trump the majority’s known wishes and needs. You don’t even pretend that it’s the will of the people at large — what is this, 1917 Russia in slow motion to a minuet beat? Yes, as a matter of fact — even if you, sensitive trendy one, don’t realize or admit it yourself!
When I say majority, I am not talking about whites only, as the liberal cliché mentality would assert. LIBERALS think in cliché ethnic terms, but WE are in fact simply calling for the numerical majority’s wishes to dominate regardless of what color they are — and I believe the plain facts show that whatever label you want to put on your program, it does amount to staged extirpation of majority rule.
The "mainstream" press is the NAACP’s willing mouthpiece and you are cheerily screeching the party line along with them. Oh, your screeching is in prim, proper tones through your computer keyboard in your air-conditioned office where you work happily each day with other PC fundamentalists. BUT SCREECHING IT IS. And I’ve got news for you — out here in the real world, your stuff is ugly, it is insensate, there’s nothing dignified or "proper" about it!
HOW SWEET of you to give questioners your manufactured, bleached, homogenized dulcet responses! STILL TASTES LIKE BLEEP, though.
Of course you know, I know, the NAACP knows, and every internet user who will read this (plenty — for years to come!) knows that ACC, NAACP, and the corporate poodle-media are all cogs in the same machine,  programmed from behind the closed doors by self-appointed elitists in the Council on Foreign Relations (et al). Your cover is blown — it’s the digital age now. Millions more learn every years that the heads of state and their bosses are planning history in advance nowadays. The flag thing is simply an agenda item to the body snatchers, and in turn to everybody who wants to be "in" today. You’re just reading the script, Ms. Stepford! Gee, maybe this flag thing was actually hatched at Bohemian Grove where male movers and shakers of the world run around naked in the Bushes in between global policy sessions. Wouldn’t that truly make it "special"!
YOU LIE when you speak of diversity, Amy — because in such terms the majority culture is being purged just as the statues were pulled down with each new regime in Communist East Europe. YOU ARE THE DESTROYERS OF TRUE, HEALTHY DIVERSITY and the result of your program will be an America indistinguishable from India or neo-Marxist South Africa, rape capitol of the world. What kind of diversity is it that seeks to stamp out every vestige of ***perceived*** whiteness? I say perceived, because the fact is that many minority members oppose PC and the ethnic cleansing of the South. These include blacks who are often the most vociferous speakers at our pro-Confederate flag rallies. They don’t want to live in a politically-correct "USSA" either! They are of a higher order than the blacks you play to, because their worldview is rooted in history and experience, not ideology and utopian pipe-dreams. They come from a wide variety of social backgrounds, too. You *do* apparently want to live in a politically-correct "USSA" — but of course people like you who count on years of service to the Beast have a history of getting eaten by it along with everyone else.
YOU LIE when you speak of human rights, because minority supremacy and OLIGARCHY are your only program here. YOU LACKEYS OF LIBERALISM ARE THE REAL SUPREMACISTS, THE REAL TORTURERS AND ENSLAVERS. On your hands is the blood of scores of millions holocausted in Europe and Asia since ameriKan bucks were first put in the service of communist butchers in the 1920s. Human rights have to start with self-determination and representative government and those are exactly the things YOU PEOPLE are trying to KILL with your fraudulent grandstanding and politicizing.
It has still never been proven that any meaningful mass of people are offended by the flag. On the contrary, every opinion poll and endless pro-flag activism shows that most South Carolinians wanted and still want no flag "compromise". The NAACP’s entire hate campaign (with the ACC et al in its amen corner) is based upon the notion that one organization and its followers deserve to set policy for a whole state over the clear wishes of its citizens at large. The politicians asked the NAACP and State newspaper what it thought, but left the people out of the loop entirely, even after my activist associates and I formally presented over FIFTY THOUSAND petition signatures to them in the state house rotunda. Of course, the politicians had their agenda the whole time regardless of what even the NAACP said. Lots of them are globalist celebrity wannabes — even in South Carolina with is rich history  or resistance to tyranny and ideological cowpie syndrome.
In addition to the flag "compromise", i.e. selling the voters down the river, the NAACP Maoists got a $1 million hate-whitey monument out of the deal right at the main public entrance into the State House. Just how much "compromise" will it take for people like you to kick the NAACP habit?
Oh, but a hate-white monument is exactly what it is! Have you seen it?
Nelson Waller, M.Mus.
Anderson, S.C.