Mr. Barber

Speaking with you on the phone made me realize that many southern whites have become the targets of overzealous groups like the NAACP. In my tenure in the military (12 years), I could not count the times myself or a fellow white soldier was abused or taken advantage of by a black superior. The last few years I have seen a growing number of "scumbags" who are promoted ahead of more qualified and competent soldiers simply because of race and more recently gender (women are given waivers that would normally disqualify them). Then when promoted, they abuse their rank so that it best suits them. I could not tell you how many times I had to work 24 hours and denied both food and water (usually the order of a black or hispanic nco). Recently, I was hospitalized and underwent back surgery because a black sergeant worked me like a horse while his bro’s sat back and watched. If you attempt to report things like this or try to make it public, you are told nothing will change and the rest of your duty will be hell.

I use to love what I do, now I dread the next three years if what I have experienced recently is an indicator of what I have to look forward to. Germany is a hotbed for those who want to abuse their position (being 8000 miles away from the real army allows that kind of activity). Low ranking female soldiers screw around with black nco’s (which is fraternization, according to regs, but never enforced). In return, they are given light duty and no field training (the rest of us freeze in the mud for 30 days three times a year). I have fellow soldiers that are black and I consider them my comrades at arms who tell me "this is wrong". Yes, we have white leaders here that are no better but the blacks undoubtably take great enjoyment in making things tough for the "white boys". I never gave much thought about these things until the "flag incident". When I asked why a black soldier could openly display both a Malcom X banner and Bob Marley poster promoting drug use, the response was "its not racist"! Am i a bigot? Nope, I am just tired of getting treated unfairly cause I don’t hesitate to say I am southern.

My wife and I purchased a lot at river ridge and hope to build a home there (and a family). I worked hard to get to that point so if I feel obliged to fly the stars and bars (which I most assuredly will), I wont give a hot damn who it may offend. Other folks (NAACP, gay rights etc.)don’t care what I think and I truly don’t care if they want their own flag, I won’t look at their banner if I don’t want to and rightfully I should have that same priviledge. When I see something that doesn’t appeal to me, I’ll just crank up my Harley and cruise. The sad truth is, this ain’t about flags, race, prejudices; its about control, power, and domination. When I read about your situation I was just stunned. Do we live in America or china? Nobody has the right to sabatoge a man’s business. Had you tried the same tactic to get the owner of their rented headquarters to "kick them out", it would have started a riot.

I say if they want to go head to head, an order of protection can be placed against them and all their members to not enter the mall. With a good attorney, there are lots of ways to create head aches for their "group". ok, I have rambled on enough, if your interested, I would like to send you a German flag of the b¸ndeswer (army) (pronounced boon-dis-veer). I usually give those to folks back home since its about all I can afford and a coo coo clock is just too expensive (everybody ask me for one and I don’t know why).

Sir, I thank you and again offer my support. I hope to finish with my duty and meet with you in person. If i can be of any assistance please contact me.

God bless the Confederate soldier who bled, they are not forgotten.

name with held by request
darmstadt germany