Miami Herald Nazi article


Chuck, here is my answer to the Miami Herald article, drawing a comparison between Nazi and Confederate heritage.

Mr. Pitts,

The Internet makes it possible to read newspapers and magazines worldwide, even far from American soil, here in Europe. Thus, I could read your quite abject article about the Confederate flag, bringing it together with Nazi heritage. As a German by birth I would like to protest against such disgusting comparisons. They prove three things. First, you have no idea of your own history and what the Confederacy was about, second, you have no idea of the horrors of the Nazis and what their ideology was about and: you don’t percept the misuse of Confederate symbols by Neo-Nazis, KKK and racist groups as they have misused the USA flag and the American eagle for decades. May I quote you?

"They will tell you the flag just celebrates heritage. Remind them that "heritage" is not a synonym for "good." After all, Nazis have a heritage, too. I wish I could say any of that will do you any good. Problem is, it’s logic and we live in a time where people are less able to accept, understand or respond to logic."

This is exactly your own case. You don’t respond to logic and historical facts, probably due to lack of knowledge. But opinion based on lack of knowledge is not opinion, its just talking (or writing) nonsense. As a European freed from the horrors of the Nazis by people like General Eisenhower, an admirer of General Lee, or General Patton, a proud descendant of Confederate officers, I say your article is a kind of Holocaust belittlement, even Holocaust denial, by drawing a comparison line between most honorable Americans and a band of criminals.

To the end: The American Eagle, as a bird of prey representing Government power, is your proud heritage, but this is also what the Nazi Eagle stood for. Would you formally espouse the suggestion to erase the American Eagle from the Grand Seal of the White House? Why not substitute it by a horse statue of George Washington? That is what the Confederates did!

Yours moist sincerely,
Raphael Waldburg