Mexican Flags


It’s a whole different world really, kids running all over the streets, people carrying baskets of clothes or other items on their backs. The streets are lined with junked cars and the houses are dilapidated and their occupants hang out the windows talking to one another though I can’t understand them.

Hispanic shops offer goods of various sorts, street vendors set up shop the smell of Mexican food fills the air. Keep moving down the street over the bridge and the roads are lined daily with their countries flag, both sides have the red white and green banner flying proud in the wind. Various cabs scurrying about, many are just walking down the sidewalk to the other shops up and down the street. Each shop is emblazoned with posters and signs all in Spanish offering its wares to possible buyers and each shop has its flag flying proudly in the air.

A place that shows its pride in its heritage and culture, not worried about offending anyone, they all take pride in who they are and show that pride by waving their flags. I hear the Hispanic music coming from here and there, the local mega-store is rather busy, Spanish commercials play from the speakers as I walk down isles of foods with unusual names, and packages of corn husks, tortillas and many other typical Hispanic items.

After leaving the store I drive down the street past several more shops with their banners waving lazily in the breeze, turning to head to my home……in Rome, Georgia.

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