by, Tom Manning

Those of you who are young Southern Americans, or have roots and ancestors going back into the history of the South, should take heed of the chance to truly be independent in your life.

Liberty, Freedom, Independence. Only three words, but they represent lofty ideals; and, if you are Southern, they are your inheritance that came from people from the South such as; Patrick Henry; sponsor of the 1st Amendments, "our bill of rights", John Paul Jones; founder of our American Navy, George Washington; " Founder of our Country" , Thomas Jefferson; Author of the Declaration of Independence , also from the South, Andrew Jackson, "Ole Hickory" – Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett, Sam Houston, Thomas Travis, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest . These are only a few of the great men you need to read of and honor their sacrifice and the values that they stood for. Our schools today do not teach this message. Only the message of their failures in an effort to portray them as bad Americans.

What do you inherit? Not monetary wealth, fame or power – but a history, a legacy, a heritage that you should cherish. For this inheritance can not be bought by you – it was already purchased with the blood, sweat, tears, pain, sacrifice and suffering of your ancestors.

Your ancestors worked hard for a better life for their families and you are now reaping the benefits of their sacrifice. Most came from Europe, with a strong Christian background, only asking for the opportunity to build a better life.

Some came from Africa, brought to America in chains and ALL have become what is now America, the USA. None came from a single Southern vessel; they were brought here by British, Portuguese and yankee ships flying the flag of THAT country, (not under a Confederate flag). All became Americans, and in the end, most would never have traded that facet of their being for anything. Very few Southerns were wealthy enough to own slaves, (less than 7%). Many whites were in fact indentured servants in order to win passage to the "New World". Representatives from the South pleaded to the Northern slave traders to STOP any more importation of slaves, to no avail. The Confederate flag (St. Andrews Cross) had not been even thought of at this time.

In 1776, your ancestors took up arms against what they labeled a tyrant Britain, and led a fledgling confederation of colonies to independence. In 1861, your ancestors ( from the South) legally & peacefully broke away from an ever increasing tyrannical government that sought to dominate, control, and economically control by tariff (taxes) 24% , off the sweat of blacks, colonize the Southern states and her people -" the same reasons for the rebellion of 1776". (No Taxation without representation). You owe it to yourself and to your ancestors to learn about this, an integral part of their history – and yours as well. Those that care less of history tend to repeat it or either fall into an abyss of ignorance. After the fall of the Confederacy, an oppressive reconstruction period was imposed on the Southern people. Under Subjugation they worked hard to get back into the political and economic system to try to make their children’s prospects better. They again took up arms to defend the United States in the Spanish American War, the 1st Great War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam and all wars thereafter. In fact Southern patriots (Black & White), took an active part in winning these conflicts while trying to secure liberty, freedom and independence in a greater proportion than any other section of the country per population. Again, in Desert Storm and the current anti-terrorist actions, our Southern people – men and women – are leading the way in fighting for freedom and for that better life for others.

You don’t read about these things very often in history books. You don’t hear the news media reporting from this viewpoint. You may even find political leaders and celebrities not only suppressing and ridiculing your heritage, but outright lying about it to promote their own political agendas.

Hate is not part of what you are, although to listen to some politicians, watch TV or movies, you would think most Southern blacks and whites can’t stand each other. Thankfully, we know better. We share far more than most of us realize.

Celebrate the Real Heroes – like your parents, a Grandfather, an Uncle or a mentor of the South. Don’t be duped by the trash of our society, those that call themselves players or pimps. Don’t be fooled by the advertising, the false images in TV and movies about what happiness and life is all about, about alternative lifestyles, or the demonization of the Christian contribution to this country, world peace, and civilization. For them it is all about power, control and money. They wish to enslave you, the way you think, the way you act, what you do – and only because they profit from your allowing yourself to be a lemming, ready to go over that cliff just because everyone else is too.

Celebrate the real heroes -" Your Ancestors", those who came before you, those who did what had to be done so that you could be here now, and don’t grip because you’ve had it a little rough; – – Believe me, They had it MUCH rougher than you’ll ever know. Today & Now; clear your mind totally from the race baiters and politically correct media and politicians. Do this by learning your own history, and celebrate it, whatever it may be. Become independent in thinking. Don’t let the rap or rock musicians, movie stars, TV celebrities, fashion models, news media or athletic stars do your thinking for you. Again, for them it is all about power, control and money $ $ $ – period !

No one said that everything done by your ancestors was perfect. They were human and they, too, made mistakes, just like you and everyone around you. Yes, some were brought here against their wishes. But, in general, they all tried to do their best for the situations and times they lived in, (and don’t be brainwashed too much by today’s movies).

We may say our morals are not quiet the same as our forefathers yet our standards have also changed. – Morals are always a part of " what is wrong – & what is right " – That will never change. Standards are; what the general public conforms to, ( this is always changing according to what the public accepts or submits to )

So Today, make a pledge of independence from the false world that these high profile personalities and politicians try to trap you in. Instead celebrate your history and heritage. Celebrate your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Learn about them, and about the ancestors of your friends. Live the values and traditions of your Southern roots. I promise; Once you go on this journey of your Forefathers, – you shall eternally be immersed in the joy of life.

Seek and ye shall find!
Tom Manning
SCV Camp 308
Ashville, Ala.

"You have no reason to be ashamed of your ancestors. See to it that they have no reason to be ashamed of you!"…Charlie Reese