From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: December 6, 2009

Dear Confederates & Patriots (bcc herein),
Thank you Beth for this EXCELLENT photo!

I have tried to send y’all a wide variety of communiqués that have become today’s current events which, when joined together, paint a harsh but revealing picture of the malignancy that is real & at YOUR doorsteps today.

Over the years, we Confederates were alienated from the rest of this country- thanks to those who run & rule the Federal Government .

Their actions were of deliberate design & nature because we have remained the same, incessant thorn in their ‘Federals saddle’, jut like those who fought for our freedom and independence long ago and on our behalf.

Because we never surrendered to their Reconstructive orthodoxy, that has reduced this country to a mere shadow of its former self, they remain in fear of us to this very day.
They call us "miss-guided rednecks and right wing zealots with a racist underpinning",  in an overt attempt to maintain & cloak their real agenda of nation polarizing and division in an obvious attempt to bolster and strengthen their control over us all while advancing their Socialist agenda’s.
Social re-engineering has been the key in all this while the Constitution was made invisible thru re-interpretation and subjected to a revised language that only they could understand.

 As such, their legislative body gave them further jurisdiction of our persons while simultaneously rendering us impotent.

Thus, their mechanisms for deceit, corruption and chicanery were given an open field thru which they could effect complete & total change over us all.

Contributing to their ideology, was a revamped economic system that was never to have been culminating with the Bankers of this country seizing control and effecting their ways over us and our life styles via a Federal Reserve System that controls the flow of money within this country and who sets the standards of monetary expediency that determines who and how many people can work at any given time.

This has been in play, as we have asserted, for nearly 145 years.
As I have stated before, Conquering through Division is NOT just a military tactic, but one whose effect can be more profound when implemented though social & psychological maneuvering as they have clearly done.
I hope that y’all can realize that YOU are NOT alone in your feelings or beliefs, and that there is indeed a foundation for your concerns.

They are legitimate and they are REAL!

Those concerns, and YOU need to realize this, is NOT- NOT- a product of any miss-guided notion (s), but rather,  the stark testament to that which you have known for some-time. This Federal Government, long ago broke from its people and has sold us all out.
This again, is NOT your imagination working overtime, but the very real result of what this Federal Government has done to us all!
They have sold America out, just as we Confederates, and those before us predicted they would for their ‘5-pieces of silver.’
Your jobs have been exported and your Sovereignty plagiarized in the name of Globalism!
We were once a rich and powerful country and our people prospered.
That all changed after the so-called American Civil War and we have all been living on our past ever since!
I have been in this Movement for the better part of 16 long and hard years.

 I have researched our History thoroughly and believe me, I know the difference when someone is urinating up my back and trying to convince me that it is nothing more than a warm rain!
The Federals have been sucking the life from this country and if these e-mail communiqués cannot awaken you from the coma they have put y’all in, then there is little if any hope!
I am CONVINCED, given current events, and particularly all those emanating from the 1960’s on-ward, that it will be impossible to co-exist with them.

It is quite apparent that the Liberal, Socialist/Marxist mindset that occupies Washington has NO intentions of yielding and is, in fact, intent on realizing our total & unconditional submission NO matter how or what!
Of this, there can NO longer be any denial.
There are TWO roads still available to us in my humble opinion:

1)  Is to remain on the road the Federal’s have put us on or,
2) ‘Go Back To The Future’ and put ourselves back on the road that our Forefathers originally intended- The Road of the Republic.
We have little time, as the ‘Cloak of Socialism’ has been cleverly wrapped around each of us, much in the same fashion as a spider weaves around its prey… and ALL, AGAIN, in the name of the ‘public good’.
There has been little, if any, public good in the last 145 years…..only Wars and more Wars, coupled with hardship and personal devastation, while we have become less and less significant as they, the Federals, have become larger & stronger thanks to those tributes we pay them in the form of Federal Taxes that only advance their control over us thru their Social Re-Engineering practices.
We MUST separate if our American way and Country is to survive.
I think you now know this to be true as the evidence is undeniable!
ALL Roads Have Always Led To 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of The Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
PS- Will YOU join us NOW?
So Goes The Christian South, So WILL Go This Nation!
Merry Christmas.