Men, Men, Men!!!
During my short time with Southern Heritage, all I read is from men about men.  One like myself could get the impression that ladies don’t even exist in this world, that men did it all by themselves!

Hogwash!!  The ladies of The South played very important rolls in contributing their time and gifts to soldiers in need.  They were serving the wounded, talking with them, writing letters for those who no longer could, in order to leave parting words ( in most cases ) for loved ones at home or abroad.  Women used their own clothing to carry messages, (along with other items) inside the hoops of their dresses to the Southern soldiers and commanders of war.
Our loyal, Southern ladies paid a great price that no man can begin to comprehend!  Some lost not only their husband, yet their entire family!  All children as well!  Their homes were raided by Northern soldiers and burned to the ground—by wild men, who had morals lower than four legged animals!   And the list goes on—————-
"Congratulations" to Ms. Hitt, who had her picture along with a short note of appreciation in one of the letters!  *They couldn’t have done it without you!
I’m not a" Women’s Lib," but a Southern Lady speaking out for the wounded in spirit who are alive today.   Men–don’t forget who it was that birthed you into this nation—Your Mother, A Lady!
Effie J. Erhardt