Memphis Taliban
On Tuesday, February 5 an announcement came out of Memphis, Tennessee regarding the renaming of some sites that had been erected in memory of notable Southern figures who served during the American Civil War. This debate had been going on since 2005 but it came to a head recently when proposed legislation from Nashville sought to prevent such name changes. The focal point of the controversy was Forrest Park, site of a statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as the gravesites of Forrest and his wife, in addition to Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park.
Attacks like this are certainly not new and are clearly bent on the complete eradication of all Confederate legacy when all other birthrights seem to get a free pass.  The so-called champions of civil rights have long demonstrated that they are woefully insincere about the equality they preach but singularly focused on an agenda to create a new South. History has always shown that two cultures cannot inhabit the same terra firma without one seeking to annihilate the other.
Memphis Councilman Harold Collins said, "I don’t care if the name is Nathan Bedford Forrest. He’s a dead man. We need to be focused on the living…."   Mr. Collins, evidently, did not consider the multitude of boulevards named for deceased civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he aimed his twisted logic toward the destruction of Southern heritage.
John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA