Memphis Parks Update
Our court hearing of Friday Apr 25 went well and the judge (magistrate) said he would issue a ruling in about 2 weeks (but maybe 3).
The issues of today were the major ones of our ‘standing’, cause of action, and injury.  The judge in previous hearings had stated that he thought we had all of these but had yet to issue an official ruling on these.  That is what he’ll now do.
In the hearing the City attorney spoke for an hour on why we didn’t have standing and then our attorney’s spoke on the clear reasons why we did, including siting numerous case law precedents.   Our side, and our lawyers, continue to feel very confident.  As a side note, during the city’s argument they admitted that the SCV has standing, and it takes only 1 valid plaintiff to go forward.
Now we must wait a couple of weeks for the ruling, and then continue the attack.
I’ll keep you posted.
Lee Millar