Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2010
Subject: FYI. "Memory Molesters" to endure during Civil War Sesquicentennial


I thought to share the following Facebook information with you.  Looks like we’re winning since these anti-Southern Black history "experts" are "coming out of the woodwork" to defend their bigoted "Yankeefied" lies!
Most of this crap is coming from White Liberal Acadmic Yankees and of course a few Scalawags we must endure.  With the information boom over the past decade, I guess they are just trying to cover up THE OLD COVER UP!
We can now honestly call these folks "Memory Molesters".
FYI.  Same old hate filled crowd:

This story on the black Confederate debate features Carol Sheriff, the chair of our 2013 Signature Conference at the College of William and Mary on the home front during the Civil War.
William & Mary – Professor’s discovery leads to national story on Virginia.


G Ashleigh Moody III

What most college professors will probably not share with their students: As you will find documented here are hundreds of Black Confederate SOLDIERS from Petersburg Virginia. documented from just one Virginia city.  And William and Mary is "just down the road" from Petersburg! Amazing! One of the most "telling" monuments to the South and including Black Confederates and other Black Southerners is this 1912 (pre-PC) Confederate Memorial towers 32 and 1/2 feet and is said to be the tallest bronze sculpture at Arlington National Cemetery. On top is a figure of a woman, with olive leaves covering her head, representing the South. She also holds a laurel wreath in her left hand, remembering the Sons of Dixie. On the side of the monument is also a life size depiction of a Black Confederate marching in step with white soldiers, and among other life size depictions, a Black woman receiving a baby as a father going off to war. These are the stories that bring people together, not the Neo-Yankee version of the South that we are having to endure today. We could do with a lot less "presentism"!

Timothy Fredrikson

Why would one of the most honored, & well known sculptors of his time … Sir Moses Ezekiel, create a monument clearly depicting black Confederates … if there were none!! HE WAS THERE during the war … & NONE of these so-called "historia…ns" were there, & I am sure that D**N FEW of them can claim that they actually spoke with a Civil War veteran!! So in essence, all of the material we have today, is based on second-hand information, & both sides will continue to butt heads!!So I guess what these nay-sayers are trying to establish is that … perhaps, Sir Moses believed in sculpting fantasy … on memorials to a cause in which he fervently believed!!!??? It is safe to say, Sir Moses being a Virginian, who actually experienced the war, was able to speak with contemporary sources, read contemporary materials, & base his sculpture on FACT … & NOT on theory, & second-hand information!!!

Norman Pierce

This is dumb ,when Lincoln freed the blacks in the South and not the North ,where he was, he was hoping they would all revolt against the Rebels. Yes ,some headed North but most stayed and help there Homeland either by Working , or With a …gun . They were still with the South and was helping with the Southern cause . There Homeland , there Life was destoried by the North even after the war . They went though a very trying times in there lives , just as the whites did . And did not the North destory alot of the papers in Courthouse all across the South ??? Why hide the truth , the Noth did not want the Black people they just wanted to break the South and keep them under there controll .

Kevin M. Levin

See my response to Mr. Moody’s comment at Civil War Memory:

G Ashleigh Moody III

Well Kevin, your response looks real pretty and professional, but it is just another of your Neo-Yankee hate filled attempts to shift attention to your agenda which is not hard for folks to figure. I’ll waste a little of my time responding… to your hateful rant. Do you ever provide any positive Southern history? LOL  Our Petersburg history of soldiers like Poplar, Tinsley, and, the hundreds of other Black Petersburg soldiers who supported the South are well documented in our historical City Council Records, Etc. (Also see the Northern definition of a soldier provided below)  I don’t have to prove anything in that regard since it is impossible for me or your bigoted words to change our Petersburg history. That’s a fact! Using Will Green or others to further promote your trash "won’t fly" either! As for the picture of Comer and that story, I received that information from the soldier’s family who had lived here in Petersburg, who provided the family story, and who let me photograph the picture. Maybe you’d like to call that family a liar. I never said the soldiers were from Petersburg.  For you and others who seem to enjoy bashing the South and Black Southerners, this is what the Northern army manual considered a soldier in 1864….According to General August Kautz, U.S.A. in his military manual (1864), "Customs of service for Non-Commissioned Officers", page 11, "In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, IS A SOLDIER because he is subject to military law and under this general head laborers, teamsters, sutlers, and chaplains are soldiers."  Kevin, try being nice for a change! Are you part of the "Left wing" PC crowd that says that these people don’t exits either?>>>>
Another Part II album will be posted shortly.

G Ashleigh Moody III

PS. for all history lovers >>>> Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Virginia, 1912 and before "political correctness" a monument to the South including lifesize Black Confederates, Black Southerners, Etc.
Please share the story of this monument with your friends. Will the PC crowd put this important story and monument on the historical tour in Virginia during the Sesquicentennial?

Kevin M. Levin

The Confederate monument does not contain a black Confederate soldier:

G Ashleigh Moody III

Kevin, Is that all you got! Look again! Your myopic view of the Black Soldiers from Petersburg, Etc. who supported the South is quite telling. If you don’t consider free Black cooks, body servants, hospital staff, teamsters, and yes, so…me Blacks who actually took up arms against the Northern invaders, Etc. soldiers, then you fly right into the web of General August Kautz, U.S.A. in his military manual (1864), "Customs of service for Non-Commissioned Officers", page 11, "In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, IS A SOLDIER because he is subject to military law and under this general head laborers, teamsters, sutlers, and chaplains are soldiers."  But, you seem to think you know more than General Kautz did in 1864! Just typical! Your level of investigation and analysis of our history reflects your agenda. Folks reading this and your writings know your bias. For your information, the U. S. Army SOLDIERS today have body servants, cooks, teamsters (drivers), hospital staff, Etc. That’s a fact! I guess you and your kind would not call them soldiers either! In any case, the good news is that Southerners, Etc. are bringing folks like you into the "sunlight" and thus more information about Black Southern history and its enemies comes into view. So keep writing and posting, and my information will reach more people, which is the purpose of my site as stated. Some folks will actually do research on their own, and not depend on my information, or just depend on your opinion or "presentism".