Monday, June 06, 2011
Memories Evoked by the Old South’s New Flag

Part Three of a Four Part Commentary

By Joan Hough

More on The Retaliation Program

The beautiful new Confederate POW-MIA flag is dedicated to all Confederates who fought, all who were imprisoned, all who died and all civilians who died/suffered/or were imprisoned. These brave Southerners continue to cry out from their graves that the truth about that war against them be told, that the real perpetrators of horrors be revealed and their motives and actions be made known to all Americans. This, then, is the purpose of the following commentary:

Beginning in the mid eighteen hundreds, there was a major influence on the U.S. government by Marxist-Republican-Radicals. It becomes obvious, when one learns the identities of the major Marxists/Communists in the U.S. in that time, that some of them were initially responsible for the creation of the RETALIATION PROGRAM the U.S. Congress put into place in all Union prisons for Confederates.

The creators of the Retaliation Program were sadistic monsters and masters of propaganda. Their propaganda not only motivated the creation and installation of the Program, but convinced the north’s citizens to want it as a justified treatment for decadent, despicable, depraved, fiendish Southerners. Some of the Radicals’ propaganda then crept into the minds of nearly ALL Americans and sits there still, occasionally spilling out in books or from professors’ mouths.

The First 13th Amendment Ratified by Three States

The probability is that Marxist propaganda gave wings to General Sherman’s desire to deal death to Southern women and their children. Some of that propaganda is still found on the lips of modern politicians (even Southern ones) and is prattled about in positive tones by most journalists, by folks in a “Glenn Beck profession,” and by many Southerners who continue declaring that the war was fought by the north to free the slaves, and by the south, to keep slavery forever. They all appear ignorant of the truth that Lincoln and his Republicans promised slavery forever to the South if Southerners would only pay the tariffs and give the north all the bucks it wanted for internal improvements. Congress supported Lincoln’s promise with the passage of a new laws, that had the South agreed to pay the tariff, and accept them, would have become the 13th Amendment. This amendment was the original Thirteenth Amendment. Named the Corwin Amendment of 1861, it was passed by both houses, and ratified by Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland. Although still on the books, implementation of it was halted when the South refused to pay the “Dane geld” and support the north’s programs of internal improvement “which were nothing more than corporate subsidies that were awarded to a select few, well connected, individuals or businesses for building canals, railroads, and roadways.”

The internal improvement system was to provide protective tariffs that would ultimately help only the Northern merchants. The South was aghast when it wound up paying 90 percent of the tariffs. Secession resulted because the Whig/Republican Party’s political agenda of “protectionism, government control of the money supply through a nationalized banking system, and government subsides for railroad, shipping and canal-building business (‘internal improvements’) simply became more than the South could handle without becoming bankrupt and impoverished.

Communist Propaganda= Virulent Hatred

The stakes were extremely high for the Radicals because even then their “New World Order” was in the game plan—only by a different name. They required the public’s support of their plan if they were to achieve its first step which was the total destruction of the South, the elimination of Constitutional government, the erasing of States Rights, the reduction of Southern religious influence, and the building of an all-powerful, central U.S. government.

In order to obtain the northern public’s support of their agenda, the Radicals employed a secret weapon–that weapon was wartime propaganda. With it they fine- tuned Northern public opinion until it reached the Marxist’ own high level of unrelieved hate. To accomplish this, they called into action their biggest and best propagandists.

Most Americans fail to recall that Sherman’s hatred was so virulent and his sense of human decency, so limited that he, in mad man fashion, waged war primarily on women, children, old folks, sick folks, and inanimate buildings, especially the homes of the defenseless. He burned the civilians out of their homes and destroyed all their animals, and all the food in their houses and in their fields and gardens, leaving all civilians

[even babies] to die from slow starvation. Only on rare occasions did he take his troops filled with many European-German foreigners into battle against folks capable of defending themselves—such as when he, joined by other Union troops, fought Southern men in Vicksburg. It seems political correct Americans have selectively remembered Sherman’s words and actions or have deliberately chosen to forget that he said, “There is a class of people, men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace, and order, even as far south as Tennessee.”

One cannot avoid associating the great New York Tribune propagandist-managing editor with the Republicans remarkably clever propaganda. As you may recall, Charles A. Dana, the Tribune’s renowned editor and part owner, was not only the Assistant Secretary of War, but was a known intimate of Karl Marx. Marx was even employed by Dana. Dana traveled about collecting ideas and reporting them to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. Of course Stanton made use of his subordinate, Dana’s journalistic-writing expertise. Stanton cranked out huge amounts of vicious, virulent, anti-South,” kill all Southerners” propaganda, but it, obviously, was Dana who was the King-pin, imaginative writer-creator of the most successful of the Stanton issued horror tales presenting Southerners to the north’s public, as brooding, obnoxious, slave beating degenerates. Dana was, after all a professional writer—Stanton was not. Dana was the one with the accomplished propaganda skills, so had high value to Stanton who was deeply involved in the business of propagandizing. Dana’s type of written brainwash was not subtle, was not pretty, but was utterly successful. His work was likely to have inspired a number of Communist-infiltrated groups to involve themselves in the creation and dissemination of lies about Confederates.

Strange, is it not, how all historians have omitted the Master propagandist Republican Dana’s responsibility for any of the humongous cruelties created via the Retaliation Program. One would think that the results of all that propaganda–the Congressional approved actions resulting in the tortures and murders of thousands of Confederates in the one hundred and six Union prisons would still be read and studied in the tax paid for history books of children today.

How sad it is that the Republican Party’s past efforts have been so sugar- coated and so concealed by lies that Lincoln cultist authors continually obtain contracts with publishers and fill American schools and book sellers’ shop with scores of new, brightly covered, Lincoln and Sherman aggrandizing tomes containing not a single word about the treatment the Republicans showered upon all of the Confederate prisoners, but pages of lies and more lies about Andersonville, the South’s prison for Union men.

The Republicans with their proud Lincoln roots and their Democratic sycophants have done their utmost to keep Americans from ever learning the truth. They must know that only when more Americans know the truth will it be possible for all Americans to be free from the evils in the all powerful central, unintended by America’s forefathers, unconstitutional government which is still in existence.

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