Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I-95 Battle Flag Memorial Project Honors Indiana Resident’s Confederate Ancestors

We love to hear about the connections that these Memorial flags have to Confederate soldiers and their descendants, all across the U.S…

Letter received from an I-95Memorial Battle Flag Projects Supporter:

"Va Flaggers,
I wanted to say thank you for all you do and let you know that I am grateful that you are standing firm in honoring our Confederate Ancestors. Even though I live here in Indiana, my heart and spirit are with you and the cause to bring the Southern Cross back to the Pelham Chapel. My Great-Grandfather came to Indiana from Rome, Georgia in 1904, and I have found over twenty ancestors who fought in the war for Southern Independence. I’m sending you a donation for the I-95 flag in their memory…
Edwin Morrison 4X Great-Grandfather, 4th Reg. Georgia Cavalry, Co. C
Edwin Hanson, 3X Great-Grandfather, 40th Georgia Infantry, Co. C
Napolean B. Landers, 3X Great Grandfather, 36th Georgia Infantry,Co K
Elisha Casey, 3X Grand Grandfather, 9th Bat. Georgia Artillery,Co A, E
William J. Shiflet, 3X Great Grand Uncle, 38th Georgia Infantry, Co F
Eli Pinson Landers, 3X Great Grand Uncle, 16th Georgia Infantry, Co H

Deo Vindice
Kevin S."

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Flag of  The 12th Georgia:
"Part of Brig. Gen. Isaac Trimble’s brigade, the 12th Georgia advanced over the rock-strewn battlefield down towards the Confederate left. Trimble’s Brigade was to extend the Confederate left late on the evening of August 28, 1862. Despite making several charges, Trimble’s Brigade was unable to break the tough Union line that faced them on the Brawner Farm. This battle flag flew with the 12th Georgia at Second Manassas. A distinctive tribute to the color bearers who were killed carrying the flag at the Battle of Sharpsburg was added later."*

*"The Flags of Second Manassas" – The Civil War Trust –