Media ignores Confederate Memorial Day

In a time when political correctness tells us how to think, what to say and do, our newspaper has tucked its tail and followed suit.

I, like thousands in this city and across this great state, am a proud descendants of a Confederate soldier. Yet we are scrutinized, labeled racists, and worst of all some are actually afraid to take pride in their heritage, because of the ignorance and hypocrisy of a few.

Not a single word or picture was in our paper honoring Confederate Memorial Day and the brave men of this city, both white and black, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their home, their country, for Georgia.

I am not ashamed. I am proud of my heritage, because I study this American tragedy and accept both sides’ points of view concerning this past conflict. However, I am considered a racist because I choose to not let my heritage slip away and do not accept some journalist’s, activist’s or politician’s personal opinion as historical fact.

Shame on the Savannah Morning "News" for letting this day go unrecognized. And shame on those who do not stand up to the people who unjustly condemn our ancestors and heritage.