Meddling Yankees
Of the sub-intelligent whinings of Lauren Pancaldo on the Confederate flag, Bill Vallante wrote, "And if the ‘thought’ that S.C. chooses to fly ‘that flag’ disgusts her, then I would ask why she chose to live there or to go to school there? There are 50 states in the union and thousands of colleges that she could have chosen from. Instead, she chose a state that “disgusts” her… Ignorant and arrogant people, it seems, have always had a penchant for invading the South and trying to change things to suit them. Pancaldo is simply carrying the torch of a very old crusade."
Apropos to his observation is that of a gentleman from the 1800s concerning all yankees: "A meddling yankee is God’s worst creation. He cannot run his own affairs correctly, but he is constantly interfering in the affairs of others, and he is always ready to repent of everyone’s sin but his own."— M. D. Hall, a prominent North Carolina gentleman in the 1850s.
Jerry C. Brewer, Camp Commander
Pvts. Grayson & Brewer Camp
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Elk City, Oklahoma