Mechanized Cavalry
If you are an SCV member in good standings and just happen to ride a motorcycle, why don’t you combine your interests and join the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry???
All that is required is a copy of your SCV card and a one time fee of $100.00 to cover your patch, certificate and the groups paperwork, then your good to go from now on as long as you maintain your SCV dues… We are definitely NOT a “motorcycle club” we are just like most other SCV members, f rom all walks of life with many and varied interests, among our Mississippi SCVMC members we have at least (4) SCV Camp Commanders, a few serious reenactors and a few folks like myself who have all they can do just to make it to a camp meeting… For that I apologize…
We do have a few things in common though, first and foremost is a sincere love for the Confederacy and our all but forgotten Heroes from the war between the States, we honor their memory and the Battle Flag under which they fought and all those many that died or were maimed and crippled in the defense of their homes…
Another one of our other interests of course is our desire to ride motorcycles, if you ride a motorcycle you all ready know it’s more enjoyable when your riding with someone else and it’s a lot more enjoyable when your riding with a group of friends that share a common bond as Brothers and SCV Compatriots… Many of our ride destinations may all ready be on your calendar for this year, we try to attend Confederate Memorials, Grave Dedications, Flag Ceremonies and for sure The Fall Muster in Biloxi, MS. pl us the occasional motorcycle event that we turn into a Confederate event, merely by being there and spreading the word….
If you ride a motorcycle PLEASE check it out for yourself at:
If I may be of any help or answer any of your questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone,
Richard J. Pope
 Other MS Contacts
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