By: Red Phillips

I am an optimist by nature. I want to have hope that there is still a chance to restore the Old Republic. The reaction of the rank-and-file to the immigration issue gives me some hope. But every now and then I despair. The defeat last Tuesday of Judge Roy Moore has caused me some despair.

The GOP primary voters in the conservative Southern State of Alabama had a chance to stick a great big thumb in the eye of the federal Leviathan and the Establishment by voting for Roy Moore for Governor. Judge Moore had the courage and integrity to defy an unconstitutional and manifestly incorrectly decided court order. How do the conservatives in Alabama think we are going to throw off the shackles of judicial tyranny without men of courage defying the Black-Robed tyrants? Instead they voted for the sitting Governor Bob Riley who did not lift a finger in defense of Judge Moore against his federal tormentors and their God-hating cheerleaders at the ACLU and SPLC.

As an aside, there were some conservatives who fretted about the "rule of law" in the Moore case, but defying the court order violated the "rule of law" only if you are a judicial supremacist. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the sole responsibility for interpreting the Constitution to the courts. What exactly is a State to do if the court incorrectly in its judgment interprets the Constitution? It should do just exactly what Judge Moore did, defy the court. And Riley, in the interest of his State over the runaway federal judiciary should have backed him up.

Maybe Judge Moore ran a bad campaign. Maybe he is not a good candidate one to one. I have no idea. But he should have been able to simply put his name on the ballot and not campaign at all and win the nomination against his opponent who proved himself nothing more than a lapdog of the Feds. What the heck happened?

The vote was Riley 67% to Moore 33%. That is shameful. Am I missing something? I read that Riley got a lot of credit for how he handled Katrina, but so what? This is the guy who tried to raise taxes in the name of God in addition to facilitating the removal of the Ten Commandments. If anyone with some insight into Alabama GOP politics can help me out with some intel I would greatly appreciate it.

But unfortunately there is precedent here. It reminds me of when South Carolina saved Bob Dole’s butt in the ’96 primary when Buchanan should have walked away with that State. Regardless of where you stand on the free-trade/fair-trade issue, Buchanan’s message was tailor made for South Carolina whose textile industry had been devastated by NAFTA. Buchanan had also valiantly defended Southern heritage against the forces of political correctness. But instead of rewarding Buchanan, South Carolina’s Republican primary voters dutifully responded to the hysterical pleas of the GOP Establishment and gave their endorsement to a life-long moderate like Dole.

The South is certainly more conservative than the rest of the country. But despite the conservative pretence and bluster of Southern Republicans, I am afraid they are pretty conventional in their Republican politics. I don’t get it.

The South is a bulwark that virtually ensures that a liberal like Giuliani will not get the GOP presidential nomination. For that they should be commended. But it might also be the bulwark that ensures a conventional Republican will. The Republican Party in the South needs a good jolt of radicalism and a willingness to defy the Establishment.

Georgia has a chance to set things right. Conservative Ray McBerry is challenging the scalawag incumbent Governor Sonny Perdue. Sonny Perdue won the Governorship based largely on his promise to give the people of Georgia a chance to restore the Battle Flag inspired State flag that had been secretly changed by the former Democrat Governor. But Perdue sold out the fine people of Georgia and licked the Jack Boots of the PC Gestapo instead. Are the conservative Republican voters in Georgia willing to do what their neighbors in Alabama were not, defy the Establishment? That remains to be seen. The primary is July 18th.

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