McCain on his Southern ancestors

Monday, February 11, 2008

When told that his Mississippi ancestors served honorably in the Confederate army, McCain said that they did not deserve to be honored at all. He later said of his ancestors,“They fought on the wrong side of American history.” During the campaign, McCain said he has been touched by South Carolina’s patriotism and claimed to feel a commonality with the residents of the state because of their love of country and their military service. But he quickly specified that that was not because of any Southern roots.

McCain’s definitive statement on the flag even attacked his own ancestors: “My ancestors fought for the Confederacy … but I don’t believe their service, however distinguished, needs to be commemorated in a way that offends, deeply hurts, people whose ancestors were once denied their freedom by my ancestors.”

My thought is that only someone who has been kicked and abused by the enemy for 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton could come up with this flip flop mess. I bet a dollar to a doughnut, John McCain was the most co-operative collaborative pow ever. Can we have a do over repub primary? and somebody real run this time?

My own thought is that anyone who’s ashamed of his own ancestors cannot be trusted to protect our nation. Just where does he think that nation came from? Who got them there?

Actually, this all fits. If McCain admits he sides with the Northern invasion and military occupation of the South, it’s no wonder he sides with another group of illegal alien invaders who claim this is their land, not ours.

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