Ray McBerry Announcement at Capitol – April 18, 2006

The People’s Choice for Governor of Georgia

I’ve been a Georgian all my life. I am a Georgian first; and I consider my home state of Georgia to be the greatest state in the world. My heart’s desire is to see it stay that way! THAT is the purpose behind my candidacy for the office of governor today.

I am a Christian and a supporter of family and traditional values. I am self-employed and hard-working. I am NOT a career politician; and I am NOT interested in the special interests of big business in Atlanta nor in Washington.

I’m just a Georgian… one who, like most Georgians, just wants to have a safe, happy place to live, work, raise my family, and worship God. That’s it… just to be left alone to enjoy the God-given rights of life, liberty, and property.

As Professor Donald Livingston of Emory University is often known to remark, “The people of Georgia, just like any other people, has a right to preserve its valuable way of life.” That “way of life” is under a violent attack by foreign values emanating from Washington, D.C. and the downtown Atlanta establishment in an ongoing cultural war that is bent on destroying every vestige of our conservative, Christian culture here in Georgia.

We already have an endorsement from two of the three minor political parties in Georgia… from the Southern Party of Georgia and from the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party; and I am confident that fellow Georgians who typically vote Democrat will be crossing over by the thousands to support us in the Republican primary on July 18, because of their support for our platform and because they share our serious concerns about the integrity of the current administration above all else. This campaign, even before announcing our candidacy, has already increased the popular support for a new Republican governor.

During these last two governorships, Georgia has had men in this office who ran as “one of us,” only to have those same two governors make a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde transformation almost as quickly as they took their oath of office. In Sonny’s case anyway, the transformation began by trading away campaign promises even BEFORE taking office. After being elected by one of the largest grassroots efforts in Georgia’s history, he immediately forgot who it was that “brung him to the dance” and changed overnight from being an ambassador of the people of Georgia to being the official ambassador of the federal government and the special interests of the downtown Atlanta establishment.

Sonny’s most recent fundraising letter says that Sonny just wants this year’s campaigning to be all about the issues… well, then, Sonny, we’ve got plenty to talk about! We, the people who elected you… DON’T LIKE your inaction and your acceding to the demands of the Bush administration on illegal immigration, abortion, public displays of the Ten Commandments, OR OUR STATE FLAG! And we DON’T LIKE your watered down positions on the Second Amendment and Eminent Domain!

And as for Sonny’s “New Georgia” …I’ve heard more than a few Georgians remark that Sonny’s “new” Georgia don’t look too much different than the “old” one – you know, the one that he helped Roy Barnes and the Democrats set up before he switched to the Republican party so that he could keep getting elected.

If you want a good chuckle, take a look at the “kickoff” announcement for Sonny’s “grassroots effort” in this year’s campaign. It starts out by announcing that Sonny’s leadership for this “grassroots effort” will be led by what reads like a “Who’s Who Among Helpers from the National Republican Committee Out of Washington, D.C.” What a way to start a “grassroots” campaign!

But Sonny knows about real “grassroots” campaigns… because that’s exactly what put him into office four years ago – not a pretend “grassroots” campaign manufactured by National Republican Marketing Execs! And that grassroots campaign that put him there four years ago was led by the exact same groups that you’ve just heard endorse our candidacy today, among others.

I’d rather have the several thousand political activists of these organisations as the starting point for a “grassroots” campaign for the next three months than Sonny’s “Dynamic Dozen” Washington experts… at least one of which reportedly hails from Harvard University – you know, that great bastion of conservative thought. The truth is that Sonny knows how valuable and how successful the several thousand activist members of these organisations and others are that will be coming onboard shortly with our campaign… he knows firsthand, because it was for HIS campaign that they got out and worked and learned and “cut their teeth” politically four years ago. No, Sonny’d better count on his millions in the bank for some big advertising campaigns instead of grassroots campaigning… because the people of Georgia ain’t too happy with you right now, Sonny.

Unless something has changed since I put this address together, Sonny still has at least one crucial bill sitting before him that he’s been hesitating to sign – one on the important subject of “the Second Amendment and the right of defense.” I have no idea “why” he’s hesitated to sign IT or the anti-immigration bill… the people of Georgia have virtually DEMANDED that he sign them, yet he continues to hesitate. Sonny, listen to me carefully… I do not know your reason for delay but you can mark it down… these two bills WILL be signed and delivered to the people of Georgia… either by Sonny Perdue in THIS session of the General Assembly… or by Ray McBerry after this year’s general election. But you can mark it down, these two bills WILL be signed and delivered to the people of Georgia! So, Sonny, you’d better get your pen out and start signing!

When the people of Georgia elect Ray McBerry as governor of Georgia, they will have someone who will speak up for them as THEIR ambassador… someone who will tell both the federal government AND the downtown Atlanta establishment to leave the people of Georgia alone and go “mess with somebody else.”

To the outsider influences from the federal leviathan in Washington, this means the Constitutional principle of States’ Rights reasserted to get the federal government as much as possible out of the everyday lives of fellow-Georgians.

To the “insiders” in Atlanta, this means dismantling the negative influences that big business has upon our traditional way of life in Georgia… AND ending the stranglehold that Atlanta has upon the rest of the state’s funds, water, power, and other resources.

To the rest of the good folks in Georgia, it means the preservation of jobs here in Georgia FOR GEORGIANS; it means the re-establishing of safety FOR GEORGIANS; and it means a restoration of day-to-day liberty FOR GEORGIANS to govern ourselves, instead of having outsiders force foreign values upon us. It means a governor finally putting Georgia First!

As governor, I will not tolerate unconstitutional federal involvement in Georgia’s affairs. I will seek to restore the sovereignty of Georgia’s own judiciary, the authority of our sheriffs and local law enforcement, and the autonomy of local school districts.

And if the General Assembly decides, on my watch, to redraw our voting districts, I would entertain and support a resolution from their houses telling the federal justice department to frankly “go to hell” before we submit anything for their “approval” ever again. New York, Massachusetts, and California don’t have to… why should the Christian, Southern states of Georgia and Alabama?

I will stand for the rights of our unborn children, the rights of our communities to publicly display the Ten Commandments, the rights of individuals to keep their private property and to determine how it will be used, the absolute right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms without infringement so that they may defend their life, liberty, and property – whether it be from attacks by thieves, terrorists, OR the federal government – just as our Founding Fathers taught and believed.

Pastors who may be convicted for preaching the Bible or discouraging abortion and homosexuality will receive governor’s pardons. FEMA and other federal agents who prevent disaster relief efforts in Georgia, as they did in the Gulf States, or overstep their bounds with local law enforcement will be jailed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in Georgia.

I will NOT support the amnesty policies of the Bush Administration for illegal immigrants; and I will NOT support Sonny Perdue’s plan to bring a bunch of globalists and socialists to Georgia with the FTAA headquarters, while they continue, at the same time, to siphon off jobs from hard-working Georgians and small businesses. And the next time that George Bush wants some governor to declare martial law so that his globalist buddies on the G-8 can shut down an entire coastal community for their own private “beach party,” he can go ask Arnold to do it on the left coast! …because the good people of Georgia’s coastal communities do not deserve to be treated like we’re still under King George III in the 1700’s! Sonny had better get George to come do some campaigning for Sonny… no, GEORGE had better get George to come do some campaigning for Sonny… because when Ray McBerry is elected as the next Republican governor of Georgia, George will NOT have a “yes man” in the governor’s office in Georgia any more.

And when Roy Moore is elected the next governor of Alabama, I will provide whatever support is necessary to our sister Southern state should the federal courts think for one minute about trying to take away any Ten Commandments display from the good people of Alabama.

We, the people of Georgia, are going to win this cultural war that is being waged against us. The line is drawn in the sand, and the choices are clear. Will you join with me in this political revolution and help take back control of our lives, our liberties, and our destiny as a sovereign state?

Will you say with me… NOT Atlanta… NOT Washington… but GEORGIA FIRST!?!

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