Wednesday, April 26
The Capitol

This historic day started at around 10:00 AM on April 26, Confederate Memorial Day, in front of the John B. Gordon statue at the Capitol. As Ray’s supporters began assembling Calvin Johnson made a video recording of Ray’s brief comments.

Then came the brief walk to the entrance and the ever increasing security check.

This now includes a requirement to show a "current" drivers license – just in case you want to the Capitol out for a test drive.

Republican qualifying is in the Senate Chambers this year, up one flight of steps from the entrance level.

Once in the Senate chamber Ray began the "filling out the forms" ritual which took approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

During this time we had the opportunity to say "hello" to some of Governor Perdue’s campaign staff which had come over for the occasion.

Then came the moment we were all waiting for, after the forms were filled in, notarized and copied – the "check!"

This historic moment was recorded by the photograph above.

With the passing of this check from one hand to another, the citizens of Georgia have a candidate for governor NOT embedded with special interests.

Georgians will now have an opportunity to vote on July 18th for something that virtually all Georgians want and desire – good government.

Government that understands that our rights are fundamental and derived from God. Government that understands that the primary function of government is to protect the rights of its citizens – not to pander to special interests.

Immediately following the passing of the check, the campaign started in earnest. By the time we left the Capitol there had been four interviews.

The citizens of Georgia will have an opportunity on July 18 in the Republican Primary to vote for a candidate for Governor more interested in the people than special interests. Ray McBerry has made his stand, now it is time for us to stand by Ray McBerry.

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