Mayor of Birmingham Will Release Money To Pay For Leftist’s Unpaid Funeral Bills

February 18, 2013   
By Al Benson Jr.

According to an article on the Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama “will release city funds to pay disputed expenses associated with the funeral of the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth” who died in 2011. The Mayor stated: “As Mayor of the City of Birmingham, I have a responsibility to the great legacy of Rev. Shuttlesworth and a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers.” The Mayor is working with a local Baptist church as a “fiscal agent for outstanding invoices owed as a result of the Shuttlesworth funeral.”

You have to wonder why the Mayor feels a “fiduciary responsibility” to the taxpayers to spend their money on this man’s funeral expenses. If private groups want to undertake this project that’s fine. They should be free to do so, but why does the city have to expend funds for it, especially after you check out Rev. Shuttlesworth’s background. Years ago I picked up a set of two booklets, parts one and two, entitled The Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities for the State of Louisiana, more simply called “The Louisiana Report.” Rev. Shuttlesworth is rather prominently mentioned in it. The report dealt with an organization called The Southern Conference Educational Fund. This was a Communist front group that was formed by Dr. James A. Dombrowski, who was the Executive Director, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Braden of Louisville, Kentucky. The question was asked in this booklet” “Have these people ever been identified in any way as Communists?” The man testifying replied: “They have all been identified in sworn testimony as Communist Party members.” So this is Communist Party members who have formed a Communist front group. The question was then asked as to who else took part in the overall management of the group. The witness answered: “Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, who has been recently appointed President of this organization, replacing Aubrey Williams…”

The witness was then asked about Rev. Shuttlesworth’s background and he answered: “Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was responsible for the formation of the M.I.A., the Montgomery Improvement Association…In 1941 he was arrested and pled guilty in District Court in the State of Alabama to the illegal distillation of whiskey, commonly known as moonshining.” He pled guilty, and got a suspended sentence. The witness also observed that: “Fred Shuttlesworth has been previously identified as Vice-President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and has been affiliated with several Communist-front organizations.” On the masthead of the newspaper for the Southern Conference Educational Fund he was listed as President of that Communist-front group.

In Alan Stang’s insightful book It’s Very Simple–The true story of Civil Rights  Rev. Shuttlesworth is also mentioned. On page 101 of Alan Stang’s book, and continuing onto page 102 he has written: “The new president of SCEF is the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Fred Shuttlesworth has been affiliated with several Communist front organizations…The next document is a letter dated September 21, 1960 from Carl Braden to James A. Dombrowski. It shows that Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, ex-convict leader of the ‘Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights’…was using the Bradens to write his news releases, obviously because the Bradens were, and are, highly skilled professional propagandists…” On pages 112, 113 Mr. Stang noted: The vice-president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. And the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth is the new president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund (also known as the Southern Conference for Human Welfare—they are the same organization), which is a Communist front, and whose field director, Carl Braden, is a national sponsor of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which is also a Communist front.”

I could go more into the Southern Christian Leadership Conference but I think those who read this will get the idea. The SCLC had several more lesser luminaries that had Communist affiliations and it was, according to The Louisiana Report stated that the SCLC was “…substantially under the control of the Communist Party through the influence of the Southern Conference Educational Fund and the Communists that manage it.” And remember that Shuttlesworth was president of SCEF and vice-president of the SCLC, so there was quite a connection there.

With that background, we ought to be asking why the city of Birmingham feels obligated to chip in for this man’s funeral expenxes.  We also ought to be asking if men and organizations like this are truly representative of the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. Outside of investigative writers like Alan Stang, almost no one has dared to plumb the depths of this Movement to find out who was really involved or anything about their backgrounds. People have done the same with the Civil Rights Movement as they have with Obama’s amazing lack of availability when it comes to any written records about him throughout his life—they have seen no evil, heard no evil, and in the case of the “news” media, have spoken no evil.

More digging needs to be done to find out where those involved really were coming from and you can bet the “news” media ain’t about to do it so others will have to.

What interest did the Communists have in the Civil Right Movement? You can bet it wasn’t the welfare of black folks. So did they plan to use it as one of their vehicles for revolution in this country–and are they still doing that under different names?

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