Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Tom Smith Camp 1702, Sons of Confederate Veterans, congratulates Mayor Bobby Ralph on his early retirement.

Certainly, the issue of real estate taxation played a big part in Tuesday’s election process. But we, the proud descendants of Confederate soldiers, view the election result as a clear mandate for all future mayors to sign our proclamation declaring that April is Confederate History & Heritage Month.
We urge the new mayor to honor every person’s ancestry and be the mayor of all the citizens; not to pick and choose in order to be politically correct and try to win votes.

Mr. Ralph’s defeat proves that insulting the SCV is as offensive as insulting any other group or organization.

We would like to thank all Southerners and other supporters who wrote letters to the council and to the editor in support of our proclamation, and in support of our reluctant decision to pull out of the Civil War Weekend.

We also thank those of you who wrote to express your appreciation of viewing our flags and airplane banner during the Virginia Division Convention April 21 – 22.

Keith Morris
Adjutant, Tom Smith Camp

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