I was born in Queens County, a borough of the City of New York; most of my family came from this area or New England all the way back to the Mayflower. Among those whom I can claim as antecedents are John Adams and Col. Glover who ferried Washington across the Delaware on Christmas Eve for his historic battle against the Hessians. I am sure that I need not go any further into my background for you to know that I am NOT a ‘Southerner’ nor can I claim any connection to the Confederacy by virtue of my ancestors – although I would be proud to do so.

Therefore, it would seem to me that if I say that I am NOT offended by the presence of any relic of the Confederacy including monuments, flags, symbols, gravesites etc., then I am willing to wager that a great many OTHER ‘non-Southerners’ feel exactly the same way. This is especially true in a time when ALL of our national institutions, traditions and heritage are under attack by those who would make of the United States some ‘Third World’ appendage of Mexico and other South and Central American nations.

Nor am I particularly concerned by the alleged ‘feelings’ of various groups (like the NAACP) that supposedly speak for black Americans (like Teddy Roosevelt, I abhor the ‘hyphenization’ of our people). Most of them do NOT speak for blacks except for a particular ideological set within that community. Surely, you cannot think so poorly of blacks that you see them merely as passive ‘sheep’ capable of only one (liberal-left) viewpoint? If indeed you do so, then that attitude is far MORE offensive than ANY symbol of the Confederacy!

It would seem to me that the people of South Carolina have spoken on this issue, but, if not, then it behooves you – and any ‘representative’ of the people of that great state – to advance a proposition and allow the PEOPLE to decide if they wish the Battle Flag to remain or not. If it is the wish of the People that it should be removed, all well and good. If it is the wish of the NAACP and those who pander to that organization and others of its ilk, then the ‘representative Republic’ that was The United States of America and its individual states has been overthrown and we are now being ruled by ‘special interest groups’ virtually all of whom are politically correct and liberal in their ideology and politics.

You, sir, have been elected by the people of Columbia, NOT the NAACP and other racist power groups run by the likes (and lies) of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Your loyalty should be to your electorate and your actions should be motivated by their will, not the will of ‘special interests’ no matter how popular they may be with the media. Of course, if you have a PERSONAL problem with the Confederate Battle Flag, then you should have made that fact known when you were running for office and, like the Flag, allowed the People to determine if they wanted you or not.

Valerie Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York