Mayme Makes us proud once again
Family and friends,
Once again Mayme has made us very proud as she has done for 19 years so far.  We just got of the phone with Steve Barse he is the Community Liaison for the Oklahoma City Indian Wellness Clinic. He called us to let us know that Mayme had been chosen as one of 100 visual artists whose work will be auctioned off at the Red Feather gala fund raiser in OK City Nov 14th. 2009. The auction will be held at the Western Heritage Museum. Her work will be placed among the top American Indian artists in the United States.  The artwork will auctioned off to Corporate Sponsors with each piece starting at a beginning bid of $250.00 with all proceeds going to the Wellness Clinic. The artwork will also be displayed online as well as the Clinics newsletter.
Mayme is absolutely thrilled to be included in this collection of American Indian artists. As her parents we are most proud of her and are most grateful that she uses yet another God given talent of hers for the good of others, and that over the years we have encouraged her when some others would have not.
Thanks for the opportunity to let a set of pleased parents brag just a bit.
Warmest regards.
T and Pam Warren