From: Phil Walters <>
Date: Mon, May 2, 2011
Subject: Re: May Column CV & leonard Pitts
To: Tom Hiter <>

Dr. Hiter,
Nice column in the May issue of CV. I’m attaching a copy of a rebuttal from a local Southern heritage activist who responded to Mr. Pitts. Mr. Al McCray words are true and he composed a fine response. I forwarded Al’s article to my many contacts asking them to forward Al’s response to any organization that published Mr. Pitts’ lies.
We are well aware that these types of attacks aim to divide Southerners along racial lines, will be published and promoted by the pop media as "conflict sells." (Traditional media is in a downward spiral. If we can provide conflict to sell their median, we’re more apt to have our message repeated at low cost)  Rather than read them in total disdain, we must turn them into opportunities to rebut & educate by demanding equal time for a dissenting viewpoint. This request for a dissenting viewpoint is within the journalist’s professional "Code of Conduct" however they often must be reminded of it. Since many of these attacks are aimed at increasing racial divisiveness, when possible, we must utilize minority patriots on our side when possible as when they speak it’s very clear the race baiters do not speak for an entire population.
Please read Mr. McCray’s article below & please give strong consideration to developing & utilizing minority patriots in the front lines whenever possible. All it took to motivate Al was a phone call of encouragement. Possible calls to folks as Walt Williams, HK Edgerton or Nelson Winbush might produce similar responses.  Lets encourage all our compatriots to rise & tell the truth. When General Bedford Forrest did the same, the results were very positive.
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Captain Phil Walters
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I saw in today’s paper entertainer Kid Rock received an NAACP award recently. When accepting the award Mr. Rock explained that his relationship with black folks has nothing to do with the CS Battle flag he displays at concerts. I hope the SCV opens dialog with Mr. Rock and also take notes of the efforts of the Dixie Defenders camp #2086, SCV Cross City, Fl as they have participated for the last two years in the local Martin Luther King day parade at the invitation of the local NAACP chapter. Commander Joe Sparacino reciprocated to the local chapter President by making her an honorary Dixie Defender camp member. This is a great effort of unity that should be recognized. (Unfortunately, I’ll bet the national NAACP will condemn the peaceful actions of the Dixie County chapter.)
Al McCray’s website:
Link to Al’s rebuttal of Mr. Pitts: