Maurice snubbed by SC newspaper
Dear SHNV Friends,
One of the great friends of the South won what is considered by food critics a very prestigious award in December of 2008 and the Columbia newspapers and news services have shut him out so that as few people as possible in South Carolina would know about it.
Here is the story. Maurice’s Gourmet BBQ has been awarded the best barbeque in the country award, coast to coast, by the prestigious Kiplinger’s Business Report. The State newspaper, out of Columbia, South Carolina which is Yankee owned, has refused to print this wonderful story. 
This award to a South Carolina buusiness is good news for the whole State of South Carolina but the liberal left wing newspaper has refused to print this or anything positive about Maurice’s Gourmet BBQ for the last 9 years. In fact,  they have done everything they can to destroy Maurice Bessinger and his business.  If they can get away with doing this to Maurice they can do it to the rest of us in the Southern movements. This is a great story that should have been headlines in South Carolina papers.
Call or write Maurice and congratulate him on his excellent achievement. And you may want to call and order a a copy of his remarkable life’s story that includes much about his defence of the Confederate flag.  He lost over 50% of his business when Walmart refused to keep carrying his sauces because of the Confederate Battle on his sauce labels.
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To register your exception to the poor treatment of Maurice by The State newspaper go on line to  and praise Maurice and let "The Snake" as we call "The State" here know what you think about their exclusion of this story and their hatred for Maurice and Southern symbols.
Timothy D. Manning, Sr.
Kernersville, North Carolina