From: "Jeff O’Cain",
Date: July 11, 2009

Being notified of the pending project about Black Confederates, may I suggest an invaluable source about the subject.  In 1985 University of South Carolina Press published a phenomenal book, Black Slave-owners, Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860, by Larry Koger, a black graduate of Howard University with an MA in history.
This book is a serious look at the institution of slavery from the business and economic perspective of free blacks who owned a significant numbers of slaves in SC.  There is a substantial case for the institution of slavery by blacks themselves.  There are also many instances of free blacks who, from the War’s onset, made clear that they were loyal supporters of the Confederacy pledging financial assets as well as service in the Confederate Army.
The Ellison plantation near Sumter was but one of many examples of 100’s of legitimate thriving and highly profitable business enterprises owned by blacks who did, in fact, lawfully hold significant numbers of slaves during the period.  Most of the data presented by Mr. Koger comes directly from the official Federal census records 1790-1860 which are easily available to the public. 
One has to wonder why more exposure of the truth about black loyal support of the CSA is not forthcoming especially when the best resources for such are compiled and presented by blacks themselves.  Another book by a very prominent black, Mr. Lerone Bennett, Jr. an executive with Ebony Magazine, is Forced Into Glory, Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream.  It too exposes some of the uncomfortable facts that the black activist community avoid at all cost.
I do hope that a well documented presentation of the facts will make an impression on those who are determined to alter history either through absolute falsehoods, selective factual omission and/or down right lies.  The fact that Gen. US Grant was an unrepentant slave-owner and that all Black Confederate soldiers captured and sent to Camp Douglas POW prison in Chicago where, in fact, summarily executed upon arrival give the PC anti-Confederates a real serious headache and delima.  The entire notion of blacks being loyal to the CSA in large number is an unacceptable fact by today’s PC crowd and must be suppressed by the current black activist types, especially the NAACP.
Good luck with your project.  If I can be of assistance in this effort to present the truth, please do not hesitate to call upon me.
Jeff O’Cain
Columbia, SC