From:  Craig Maus  –
 Date: January 20, 2010

 A Confederate Commentary:
Yesterday’s election was truly cataclysmic for the Socialists & One Worlders.  The people of Massachusetts broke ranks with the ‘Democratic party’ and have sent Washington, DC a clear & resounding message just like those people in Virginia and New Jersey before them.  Further, I would like to thank those in Massachusetts who took the time to contact this Confederate. You have come to realize that we have a mutual concern and one that has been confronting us & in play for many a year now.
‘Bridges’ of communication such as these is what can transcend politics and produce a worthwhile dialogue between people.
However, Massachusetts, like Virginia & New Jersey has only ‘bought us all some valuable time.’
The Washington establishment has clearly exposed themselves for all to see.  They came out of their Marxist/Socialist/One World Order closets believing their time had come after spending many years cloaking their presence while compromising & exploiting the foundation of our Republic!
Please do NOT believe for one moment that anything has changed.  If anything, it is this Confederate’s belief that their collective resolve will only be strengthened because of recent events.  Their taste for Power & Control knows no limitations & the measure of their resolve will only take on another form in the days & months ahead.
 Of this I have NO doubt.  They have feasted upon this Nation for so long that it is the only thing they know.  Thus, any challenge that remotely challenges their vestibule of control over us, will be met in ways & means by them that others, not long ago, referred to as the  by-product of a vivid imagination.  Current events, given their actions, are certainly a testament to this claim & underscore those predictions as evidenced by history & personal experience.
The victories, therefore, have NOT changed ANYTHING but have merely prolonged the inevitable.
The power-brokers who run Washington will put their think tanks to work immediately in order to reevaluate where they went wrong, but their resolve as mentioned will NOT be deterred in the least.  If anything, it will get worse.
They made a big mistake in exposing themselves and their system of corruption, cronyism and special interests and they KNOW IT!  Obama, as this Confederate has long contested, is but their envoy, sitting atop a displaced system of government whose origin can be traced directly back to April, 1865.
The Power Brokers who run this country are still giving him a free pass, when in fact he is nothing more than their pathetic empty suit.  His incompetence & Socialist agenda’s are appallingly apparent and have now become the source of their embarrassment & consternation.  Many across this country are just now awakening to this stark but harsh reality.  His actions clearly reflect & are, by his own admissions within his books, (The Audacity of Hope & Dreams of My Father ) the extension through which his clear dislike & disdain for this American Republic can be advanced.  His Socialist re-engineering policies,  emanating from & thru a series of National ‘reform’ policies such as a National HealthCare plan would further cripple this Nation.  He and his ilk fully realize this.  Cap & Trade would cement the epitaph they have written for us just as their reckless spending policies, such as the Stimulus Plan, Tarp and the various BailOuts that served as the plank over which their subsequent actions would follow.  They were all integrated with one another and shared a common mission that would serve NO useful purpose other than expanding the Federal Power Base!  His wife is NO better than he and her comments reflecting the equal disdain she shares for this country is also a matter of record.
The bribes and back-door deals are ALL a matter of record now.
However, & despite all the evidence surrounding THEIR miss-conduct & actions,  that are NO  less the same than those of many years ago that contributed to those many reasons upon which our States seceded,  they are putting a spin on things to equate their actions as being proper and in accord with the will of the people through a ‘legislative process’ that is entirely proper- HA!
Again, its out of control and these elections, sadly, are not going to change a damn thing except, as mentioned, provide us with some additional, valuable time.
WE must separate if we are to survive.  We must separate because the time is right and the people of this nation are in a mood that will allow them to hear us- FINALLY!
Washington clearly underestimated the mood of the people & in so doing, exposed themselves & the manner in which they daily & routinely conduct their on-going transgressions & their practices in the name of the people’s business.  They made a mistake in believing that last years election was a testament of their ill-gotten ways and that the people had bought into their ‘platform of deceit’.  It is a mistake they will pay for at present but one that they will NOT make again!
Thus, what one MUST ask themselves at this point in time is: what have they been doing these many years over & prior? Similarly, what damage was Created that we were unaware of in the long term & long before the internet provided us a tool the ability to communicate & compare notes with one another?
How many acts of ‘Legislation’ have been passed, essentially, while we were asleep and in the comfort of our homes to a Federal Government that we blindly trusted?  I believe that to be a fair question and certainly part of that essential ‘dot-connecting’  I have been advocating that one & all undertake & embark upon.
Remember, it was during those years that the same back-door deals we are seeing today were similarly being made.  Deal making has only served them while stripping us of our individual identity through a myriad of Federal Laws that this Confederate has spoken about incessantly.
While we were being portrayed as yahoo’s, rednecks & racists in an attempt to shut us up, they remained consistent in their endeavors.  ALL that we have predicted & claimed would be "at your gates" has indeed come to pass.   Again, "we told you so."  They have grown bigger and stronger while the people, upon whose loins they made their ascension to unregulated power, have become weaker & more insignificant.  Their path of consistency and behavior is but the extension of that which they created when the Christian Confederacy was defeated.
BOTH parties, the RepublicRats, hold this Confederate’s contempt. The ‘Democrats’ are simply far worse and further along in their process of control via demagoguery.  Hell, it is only now that the Republicans are realizing where they went wrong & the political potential that current events can now afford them.  Prior to recent events, they didn’t have a clue. Indeed the stupid party!
How absent of mind can anyone be? They had a ‘Contract with America’ in the 90’s, blew it & didn’t even know why?
Undoubtedly, the Power Brokers will retreat into the same rat holes from which they came in order to revisit their Federal/Socialist agendas.  But return they will and, as the saying goes,’The More Things Change, The More They Will Remain The Same.’
WE Must Separate for the Federal, like the leopard, will NOT change their spots or, in our case, alter from the course they set out upon on after April, 1865.
They immediately altered the US Constitution following The War For Southern Independence.   And in so doing, the structure of this Republic along with it.
All must understand that.  Read the 13th, 14th &15th Amendments that were ‘enacted’ immediately after that War & comparetheir language as opposed to the consistency & inter-relationship of the original 10.  They are like night & day.  As such, they speak & reveal  2-entirely different languages whose respective languages reflect 2- different Ideologues of government.   As such, the profile & purpose of government will become that of the Ideologue that is embraced.
Simply stated, the ‘Script’ that is ‘established’, will clearly become the foundation for the type of government that will naturally follow….Federal or Confederation.  In our case, that determination was made for us via an illegal invasion!
It has been a 145 year TRANSFORMATION.  Obama and his ilk are but the continued extension of that TRANSFORMATION & they have the audacity to call it TRANSPARENCY in the contemporary.   We know what they are up to and they know that we know.
It is a culture of corruption upon which they reside and perpetuated & paid for with a cost of blood, sweat & tears to you, yours & mine.   A toll that has been extracted from everyone through a dumbing down process of the electorate in which their treachery was further disguised, hidden & perpetuated from the general public.  Similar practices have been carried out throughout this world’s History.  Those agent provocateurs residing in Washington are every bit the same. NO different than those who preceded them in those earlier Empires & Monarchies of old. 
WE were once different than ANYONE but it only lasted a few short years ( 1781- 1865 )
The events of these current elections clearly reflect an annoyance of the people because the people believe they have been hustled.  They have, but they have not yet come to the reality of why?
YOUR Federal Senators were once selected by YOUR State Legislature.  But that was when YOUR State was Sovereign and YOU were in control.  Thus, YOU were guaranteed true representation with NO back-door deals as today.  As such, they were YOUR delegates to Washington.  NO earmarks and NO cronyism because the system that OUR Republic was designed & created for, fully intended for the PEOPLE to be insulated from the failings of mortal men.
How MANY I wonder are aware of this most important structure of government fact & process, AND why & when it was ‘ALTERED’?
The Federals have stripped YOU from this process & right and, in so doing, further distanced YOU as an individual from the State Republic you were once a citizen of.  They changed that Law much as they have changed & altered so many Laws following The War For Southern Independence and in all cases, to benefit themselves and further the basis of the Federal Leviathan!  Its all there in YOUR History books for verification should YOU desire to remain free.
Begin to ‘connect the dots’ of History that this Confederate has advocated, so Y’ALL can realize what has been done to YOU?
We MUST Separate if we ever hope of returning to a Constitutional Republic folks.  Current elections have simply given us more time.  The Federal Machine has NO intentions of returning power to YOU.
Recent events clearly indicate what THEY are ALL about and REPRESENTATION doesn’t remotely reside in their vocabulary with the exception of but a few.
YOU can change the content of Washington through elections but until WE all return our government to its intended purpose as a Republic, we are merely stalling the inevitable.  The present chaos is but a  small example of a far greater contagion that is awaiting us. Obama & his dogmatic Leftists have clearly shown us what they have in mind… don’t fix a transmission by replacing the drive shaft.
Remember, WE TOLD YOU SO!

When the South Lost, So To did this Entire Nation…but Only WE Knew it at the Time!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!

For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
proud & humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America,

PS- All For One and One For All!
It was Never a Regional Issue- it was All about Money, Power & Control….and we wanted NO part of that which has become today’s reality.