Maryville, Tenn., Freedom Baptist Church

From: "H.K. Edgerton"

Dear Commander McCredie,

On Sunday, September 11, I attended Freedom Baptist Church ,as their church celebrated Old Timer days. I was invited to wear my Confederate uniform; which I and my little buddy Cameron Thomas did also . It important to note that his mom was wearing a beautiful period dress. I was introduced by the Pastor and called to the pulpit to speak, and with the help of Cameron we delivered a prayer to the congregation.

On Monday morning, the following day I appeared on the Truth Radio program, where I had to engage myself in a vibrant conversation with a Yankee from Chicago. My mom would not have liked me having to tell him to take his son and himself back there if he was so ashamed of the stance that the children of Maryville was taking in defense of their 1st amendment right to fly the Christian Cross of St.Andrew.

Later in the morning I addressed the First Baptist Home School Academy. I was simply delighted by their knowledge of things Southern, to include the tough questions they asked me. I would like to give special thanks to the Thomas family and their Pastor,Rev.Hadley, for inviting me into their Church and School. It was a very special moment for me , one that I shall always cherish.