As I watch and listen to the National Press Corps continue to espouse the rhetoric of the so called praise and admiration that President–Elect Obama continues to heap upon the memory of Abraham Lincoln, I am more convinced that this man has no clue that this admiration is not shared by those that are commonly referred to as African Americans, at least not to knowledgeable Southern Blacks who know and understand from history that Lincoln was probably the biggest bigot to ever enter the White House.

Compound the fact that Lincoln only considered colonization as the only means of cleansing America of my African family and never to forget the infamous Corwin Amendment that he supported that would have locked Africans into the economic institution of slavery well into this very 21st century, had it not been for the White man of the South who always seemed to come up on the side of protecting the Southern African from the evils prepared against us by some very greedy politicians and Northern industrialists who pulled Lincoln’s chains.

Perhaps Mr. Obama plans to extend to the South the Marshall Plan promised by Lincoln. Perhaps Mr. Obama will extend to the South the promise of reconcilement promised by Northern politicians and allow Southerners the freedom to honor our symbols and ancestors who fought for what they believed in during the great war for Southern Independence. Perhaps Mr. Obama will restore the honor of the babies of Burleson High School in Texas; Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina; Paul McClaren of Mississippi; the men of the Dupont Company in Richmond, Virginia; the babies of Maryville High School in Maryville, Tennessee; the babies of Blount County High School in Blount County, Tennessee; the babies of Salem High School in Conyers, Georgia; the babies of Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville, Louisiana; the babies of Hayes High in Texas; the Robert E. Lee Boy Scout Council of Richmond, Virginia; young Tommy Defoe of Tennessee; or the likes of T.K. Owens, a young Black man whose only crime like the aforementioned was that he made a stand in the class room at East Tennessee University of a man called Slapp in defense of the honor of his ancestor who too wore the Confederate gray and carried the Christian Cross of St. Andrew and now faces persecution in another hostile court because of a stand in Dixie Land for the honor and dignity of the Southern people and their right to remember their ancestors with the honor and dignity they so deserve.

And perhaps Mr. Obama will choose to climb into bed with the likes of Broody of John Hopkins University and the poverty pimps who would quote the dream of a man called King while burning the Table of Brotherhood that he so eloquently spoke about. Perhaps Mr. Obama will never read the letter that I sent to him, or he will run from it like George W. Bush did when I placed a letter of the same kind in his hands, or he will do like his mentor Lincoln did when he turned the peace delegation from the South away. In lieu I shall march his way carrying the flag of the Southern soldier which symbolizes the honorable stand that he made for his Southern family, both freed or indentured, Red, Yellow, Black and White who deserve to be remembered as not only Southern Americans, but Americans who fought against their brother who invaded their homeland and chose to ignore the Constitution that they forged together and would now use the judiciary, the Federal school system, media, and poverty pimps to force our children to hold their heads down in shame for being Southern, and at the same hour in history proclaim to be brokers in foreign lands between peoples who rage sectional wars against each other and never ending the one at home which shall remain in perpetuity, with our spirit never broken until honor is restored.

H.K. Edgerton