Dear Rodney,
I was one of the privileged ones whom HK sent this to and wanted to let you know that, as far as I am concerned, there really seems to be no valid reason for your changing your thoughts about the Confederacy. Your original thoughts about the "main reason was high tariffs/taxes" were, in fact, correct. And then you mentioned slavery in the South but not also in the North — as though only those in the South were the transgressors. ‘Tis true that more slaves worked in the cotton fields in the South than on the small farms in the North, but it seems that many only look at slavery in the South rather than also recognizing the slavery in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Oceans by foreign nationals at the time.
And then you and I interpret the Bible in different ways, possibly because the Bible’s use of bondage of the Hebrews to the Egyptians made you think that it was not the same thing as slavery. Although black slaves traveled north from West African countries north to the Mediterranean, originally for use by the Romans, the Romans had more white slaves than they had black slaves. Unfortunately, wars and slavery have been going on from times before written history and even today; and you and I both know that that’s bad. But somehow you throw the dart of evil at only the Confederacy.

It seems that "the few black folks" that you mentioned have a clearer understanding of the facts of life in those days — and, of course, a harsher personal history to remember. Perhaps many of them, unconsciously, are left with more happy than troubling memories. As for HK, I don’t doubt that he knows both sides of the coin; and I definitely respect him for what he is doing and trying to do: concentrating on the good instead of the bad. Instead of chivalry’s dying with white knights in armor and riding horses, chivalry lives today via a black man’s marching on foot with his beloved flag and carrying a happy message.     
w/r,  Tom