Heritage Violations and Horace Mann’s School System

December 13, 2011
by Al Benson Jr.

If, like me, you are on several Email lists, you are constantly hearing about heritage violations that occur in all manner of places from city parks to public schools. You would be hard put to keep up with them all and sometimes they seem to come in bunches, eight or ten in any given week and in seven different states. Almost no one has the time or ability to deal with them all.

Some of the most outrageous ones occur in public schools. where anything Christian, Confederate, or Southern is not to be tolerated, while free expression is to be allowed to just about every other group. Malcolm X and Che Guevara tee shirts are fine in public schools but heaven forbid that anyone should come in with a Christian cross or a Confederate flag on his or her clothing. These are definitely beyond the pale in a public school system that claims to be noted for its “diversity.”

Many of those who are the victims of this cultural genocide (for that’s what it really is) will fight back and protest. Sometimes they even win a little skirmish here and there, but mostly they lose because they are fighting on the public school’s turf and you don’t often win on the enemy’s ground.

Often, after the loss, and a little griping and moaning, the kids dutifully return to the public school fold to continue their “education” in all things detrimental to their Southern heritage and culture.

The concept of secession, drilled out of the generations since the Yankee Pledge of Allegiance was put into use, has never once occurred to them in relation to the public school system. In this sense, the Yankees have been successful in their tinkering with Southern culture. They have managed to inculcate into it, starting with their Carpetbag Northern teachers and continuing to this day, the concept that public schools are, somehow holy and not to be interfered with–especially if they have a good football team! Each town here in North Louisiana, and I suspect in most other towns in the South, just raves over their public school ball teams. And this causes them, no matter what else goes on, to support these humanist seminaries that purport to “educate” their children without reservation.

Let me state here, rather bluntly I’m afraid, that the South will never be ready to exercise her independence until she has, in large measure, learned to secede from the public “education” institution. Those people that have been victims of this system regarding their cultural heritage need to fight back, need to fight the heritage battles, but when those battles, win, lose, or draw, are over, parents need to secede from the public education system by removing their children from its clutches. If the parents of every youngster in the South, and in other places too, that ever suffered because of a heritage violation in public schools would just learn to take their kids out of that system what a witness that would make! Even if you win, the battle will return later and other kids will have to fight it all over again. It’s not going away. Just because you win one little skirmish somewhere doesn’t mean that blatant heritage violations against Southern kids will cease. You are in a culture war, whether you like it or not, and winning one battle doesn’t end the war. The public school system, in one way or another, will always be opposed to Christian and Confederate symbols. The theology of the public school system demands no less from its adherents.

Folks, you need to begin to understand the nature of your adversaries. Those people do not quit. If they lose today they come back tomorrow. If they lost then, they are back next week. Too often folks on our side win one little skirmish and we think the war is over and we go home to rest on our laurels and forget about it all. The other side doesn’t. They don’t worry about getting mad–they just get even! Public school “educators” (change agents) have a humanist, anti-Christian agenda which they are not about to be dissuaded from no matter how many parents protest. Past protests, notably in West Virginia, have proven this point.

Until our folks are ready and willing to learn how to educate their children on their own, either in good Christian schools, or better yet, doing it at home, we will not be ready to assume our independence, cultural or otherwise. We can not leave our children in those humanist seminaries for five days every week, prime time, and expect to combat what they are taught there with an hour of Sunday School on the Lord’s Day, or a monthly SCV meeting. It won’t work that way.

Our children need to be taught our history, heritage, and cultural and religious truths our way (they are, after all, OUR children). If we are not seeking to do that for our children and our grandchildren (so they might do it for their children) then we are not really ready for Southern independence–we just like to kid ourselves that we are.

Part of the agenda of the One World Government public school crowd is the destruction of all things Christian and Southern because this culture (Christian) and heritage stands in the way of their agenda. They recognize our potential for resistance even if we don’t yet.

One of the first major steps in this resistance is secession from the public school system.

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