Man defends flying world’s largest confederate flag

Posted June 7, 2008

A Tampa man is explaining his decision to hoist what some are calling "the world’s largest confederate flag" on a lot next to a busy highway. Marion Lambert of Brandon, Florida said the flag is "the most recognizable southern symbol" and he will be using it "to focus attention on the heritage [and] the history" of the south.

During a recent television appearance, Lambert denied that the flag was racially offensive and should be stigmatized. "It’s well known that the KKK flies the U.S. flag and the Christian flag," Lambert said. "And so why aren’t those symbols taken in and embodied in the symbol of hatred while the Confederate flag is? It flies in the face of reason that we demonize this particular flag," he said.

Lambert said that Southerners had been marginalized ever since the NAACP passed a resolution in 1991 declaring the Confederate flag an "odious blight" on the universe. The local NAACP is not amused. "I’m surprised that they would allow something like this to go on in Hillsborough County," Hillsborough County NAACP president Curtis Stokes told the St. Petersburg Times.

The flag is 50-by-30 feet, the length of a tractor trailer, and attached to a 139-foot flagpole.

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