Making A Difference
Dear SHNV Friends:

[Below is a note I sent to a school teacher in Ohio who is reading some of our books on U.S. and Southern History. For a long time the history of the U.S. has not been examined (especially the history of the northern and Deep North States) and has been purposely obscured by the veil of self-justification by many in the north and by reconstructed Southerners who have been led to believe that the propaganda forced on Southern States during their military occupation by U.S. armed forces, which was called "Reconstruction" by our rulers, was actually history.]  
The reading, studying and thinking you are now doing and the things you are teaching to the next generation about their past are very important, perhaps even more so that either you or I may understand at this time. The first step in controlling the future is controlling what people think of themselves today which in a large measure is framed by what they have been led to believe their ancestors did, suffered and believed.  The first step in controlling today is controlling yesterday and what people believe has brought them to the place where they have been led to believe they are now.
Do not underrate or underestimate the importance of the studying you are now doing.  Seek to understand the changing framework of how you view our history.  The history of Ohio and the United States has been "re-framed" by socialist propagandists to promote their egalitarian views and fascist governmental practices and to attack the true concepts of freedom and liberty in order to make them look out-of-date and as an enemy to modernity’s new religion of "social justice," the mantra of modern democratic communists.
In all of this, recognize that one person, one teacher can make a difference!
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div.
Executive Director
Palmetto Heritage Foundation
3018 Charleston Highway
Cayce, South Carolina 29172