"Are ya’ll mad enough yet?" It’s been the war cry for many Southerners trying to preserve their heritage. Georgia’s governor Sonny Perdue was elected on the campaign promise that he would allow the voters of that state to chose on their own whether or not they wanted to keep the current flag or return to the ’56 flag.Many of the people of Georgia took Perdue for his word and thought that he would keep it. Many learned the hard way that a politician is a politician. People do not come first, money does.

Reading an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution I read a quote from one southern heritage supporter who said, "It’s a dirty business. That’s all I can say. I used to think car dealers, attorneys, reporters were the most disreputable groups. I think you can add politicians now."

I’m sorry sir, add politicians now? My good sir the politicians have always been on that list! I have been writing, talking, screaming at the top of my lungs for months now trying to get anybody who would listen to believe me. Your flag is gone, it’s not coming back, and it might not ever coming back.

I will probably get hate mail for making that statement, but you know what, I don’t care it’s the truth and I’ll explain why it’s the truth. My brother and I have said repeatedly that the only thing politician’s care about are money and votes. Money is what has robbed you of your beloved ’56 flag.

The reason there was a compromise in the first place was because of money. Associated Press reporter Kristen Wyatt stated, "Civil rights leaders had denounced Perdue’s initial plan and promised an economic boycott if the bill was not changed to remove any chance that the Confederate emblem might be approved by referendum. Georgia’s flag was changed in 2001 to shrink the Confederate symbol partly to avoid economic boycotts like the one targeting South Carolina, which flies the rebel banner on state Capitol grounds."

This same news article also stated that Civil Rights leaders are still considering the boycott because the compromise flag is a prominent Confederate Symbol and listed tourism as Georgia’s number 2 industry.

First of all this proves that you the people of Georgia must rethink your strategy. The former Governor, a Democrat compromised your heritage away in the name of money when threatened by a boycott. Your current Governor has also tried to compromise your heritage. Though not as drastically, at least you now have a very prominent Confederate symbol flying proudly over your state. Some of you have labeled it a "sell out rag". It may not be the flag you were promised but the flag of Lee and Jackson is no sell out rag. Those of you who think so are not the southerners you proclaim to be.

So now what? To answer this you must all ask yourselves this question. Why is tourism the second largest industry in Georgia and the rest of the South? Before the Civil War the majority of wealth of the United States was held in the South. In order for the federal government to achieve the amount of income desired it imposed heavy import tariffs upon the South. After the Civil War the South was looted and gutted never to achieve it’s wealth again. With it’s new found wealth the federal government began to reconstruct the South in it’s own image. It started after the Civil War then again in the 1960’s and continues yet today. Northern automotive workers criticize the government for allowing foreign automobile manufacturers to build plants in the United States, many in the South. They bring jobs to southern families who are badly in need of a decent income. But still today many northern power brokers are threatened by future prosperity in the South. And they are still threatened by images of our past. Your ’56 flag would fall into that category as does your new "compromise flag". As did the two 2’cd national Confederate flags that no longer fly in my home state of Missouri. My state representative tells me there is legislation moving to restore them. But he is a politician so I am going to write back and request specifics of the legislation so I can research this myself.

Georgians if you want your flag back you are going to have to break away from the two major parties. They are both sellouts. Talk to your southern brothers and sisters in Mississippi who utilized third parties to keep their flag. (Guys they got their vote and it was not compromised.) Whether it be the America First Party or the Constitution party or the Southern Party or the League of the South. Pick one or the other or work together but buck the system. For the system is compromise. The system is two major parties that are easily threatened by boycotts. South Carolina has been under a boycott ever since civil rights groups have decided that the compromise they agreed to is no longer good enough. Guess what? Their tourism still thrives. I have got news for all of you. These flags, your heritage are only the first in a series of stepping stones in the plan of the two major parties. I have said this more times than I can count on two hands but here it goes …again. The two major parties are both globalist. Once they get your symbols banned publicly, they will claim that even displaying these symbols on private property will be considered a "hate crime". Threats of economic boycotts will again abound and they will get their way.

After they get their way they will go after other things that are sacred, the way we worship, our freedoms, everything that has been promised to us in the Bill of Rights will be "compromised away". Will you now buck the system? Will you now say good-bye to the Democrats and Republicans? Will you join or organize a political party that defends the interest of your state. A party that will not only defend your heritage but work to bring jobs and make you less dependent on tourism.

Yesterday was a sad day for southerners in Georgia. Many of you will not like what I have said today. But do not question my heritage or my love for the South Take my advice, if you want your flags to come back you must stop depending on the liars, of both of the two major parties. Sure you can continue to "flag" but I don’t think I have to tell you that is no longer good enough in itself. It’s time to apply the political pressure that these guys deserve. Threaten them with the one thing they do care about, their jobs. Are ya’ll mad enough yet?

Clint E. Lacy