Monday, August 12, 2013

Lying By Omission…
…is still lying.

On his blog, bullyflogger extraordinaire Brooks Simpson writes about Susan Hathaway’s attitude toward him and his blog…:

As Ms. Hathaway says, however, “Quit reading his garbage! Every click gives him site visits and more ‘clout’. I have not read ANY of these Floggers’ troughs in over a year and it has been a very blissful year.” 

So says the woman duped by Rob Walker. But her comments about the issue will make good reading with the interested members of the Richmond media.

So says the man who dupes his readers pretty much every time he writes about Southern heritage.  Susan’s comment on Facebook, doesn’t end with "…very blissful year."  Following that, she says,

"I leave the heavy hitting to Ms Connie!"

He recently pulled the same stunt when he appropriated a passage I had written on Backsass:

"Emmett Till was not falsely accused. He came on to a white woman in pre-civil rights Mississippi, and the was brutally murdered for it. The murder was an atrocity, but it has absolutely no connection whatever to the story in my novel."

He left out the boldface sentence when he pasted it at Crossroads because, well, presumably he didn’t want his readers to know I wrote it. He was attempting to portray me to his peanut gallery as insensitive and uncaring about Till’s murder, so he bleeped out what contradicted his efforts.

Makes you wonder what else he leaves out of his blog posts…

The bullyflogger’s obsessing with Rob Walker is interesting, in light of what actually happened. His carping is designed to give the impression that the Flaggers sought out Walker and they became buddy-buddies, why, he was practically a Virginia flagger himself…  But the choice to befriend him was unwise, as he ultimately betrayed them, lying about non-existent vandalism at a Confederate monument when his school term was ending and he departed for points elsewhere in the midst of the dust-up, leaving the Flaggers holding the bag.
The idea is to portray the Flaggers as stupid and easily duped. But they did not seek him out. Rob approached them on Veterans Day 2012. The Flaggers were thankful to have someone video their activities. I have no doubt that if Rob had exhibited any clue that he could not be trusted, they would not have accepted his services. This was not a case of, "You knew I was a snake before you brought me in."

But bullyflogger Simpson is so delighted that the Virginia Flaggers were betrayed and embarrassed by Walker, he can’t let it go, all these weeks and weeks later. Presumably, Simpson would have cheered the snake and ridiculed the tenderhearted woman who saved it, and who got, as a reward for her kindness, a fatal bite.

Keep in mind that this man, who exhibits such uncertain integrity, is a professor at a major state university….

In other news, Simpson  claims that for us, "it’s heritage, not history." But for bullyfloggers like him, claiming to be historians, it’s really not history, it’s hate.

He has recently held up for ridicule on his blog a Southern heritage advocate who’s an active commenter on various Southern Facebook groups. Keep reading and then tell me that attempt to ridicule is not motivated by hate and scorn.

Someone named Randy Chambers, whose membership in the SHPG was removed after he posted in a particular thread, wrote, "southern black scumbags are taking down all confederate memorials all over the South. Check out memphis."

Carl Roden replied, "New England Liberal Yankees are the masters driving the whole thing, always have been. And to a lesser extent so are certain white supremacist groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazi movement. The NAACP leadership certainly. Individual black Southerners who buy into the garbage are just puppets. I worry more about the puppet masters."

The first part of Simpson’s odious attack is to lie about what Carl said. He says Carl "claims that those southern blacks who oppose the CBF ‘are just puppets.’”

Well, no, Carl said those who buy into the garbage driven by Liberal Yankees are puppets — and many of them are. Especially younger people who are coming out of schools virtually uneducated..

But what I really want to call attention to is the bizarre comment the bullyflogger makes next:

.. Carl W. Roden, taking a break from his interest in writing sexually-laced stories involving characters from Nickelodeon cartoons (another aspiring southern romance writer, no doubt) claims…


Still, I just can’t get over Carl Roden’s other advocation (sic). I think DarthRoden identifies with the lead character in Hey Arnold.

Can’t get over it? Well…what’s it to you?

What has it got to do with the civil war? Nothing. What has it got to do with Southern heritage, or the SHPG or the flaggers? Nothing. It is just a way for Simpson to indulge his desire to denigrate and to slake his deep thirst for hurting people.

I suspect Carl isn’t hurt or angered, though, by the attempted put-downs by somebody for whom he has zero respect. So I’m not whining on Carl’s behalf. I am simply presenting for my readers’ consideration what makes Brooks Simpson tick, what gives him a buzz — the lust to mock, ridicule, and make fun of.

Simpson has done the same thing to me because I portray Southern white people as decent and honorable in my novels. And it makes him livid that I portrayed Southern white teens as victimized.  His anger is so great about that, he implied my characters in Sweet Southern Boys are like the murderers of Emmett Till, and presumably thinks they should have been portrayed that way.

But I guess she [Chastain] trusts the accounts of the sweet southern boys who killed Till,  ~Brooks D. Simpson
Since he hates white Southerners, especially heritage folks, and blogs at least in part to evilize them, I know why he attacks and libels me for writing — because I write novels to promote an agenda, no doubt about it. I’ve said so since before I started writing novels in 2006 or so.

But Carl seems to write fan fiction for the sheer enjoyment of it. Exactly what makes Simpson think he ought to hold that up to ridicule is mystifying. There is so much worse stuff going on that Simpson could focus on. But a lot of it (babies getting shot in the face, for example) are useless in demonizing white Southerners, so he ignores them, focuses on something  completely innocuous, tries to dirty it up, and then palm it off as as objectionable, somehow.

What a petty, integrity-deficient, nauseating little man.

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