LTC Bateman


I am still fighting mad over the statements of LTC Bateman where he proclaimed, “he would like to have a Confederate flag burning on his front lawn every week." His article goes on with even more confrontational materials towards Southerners & their Confederate ancestors & symbols.

Without going into a long drawn-out history lesson I would remind Bateman to not hold Southerners in such contempt because if you take our numbers out of all of America’s wars, America would not be free today.

Even during the American Revolution it was in the Southern colonies where the British were ruffed up to the point that by the time they reached Yorktown Va. the fight had been taken out of them. This cannot be said of the British in the northern colonies even though history almost exclusively expounds on the northern campaigns, leaving the Southern victories as footnotes in history.

Foremost however, is Bateman’s contempt towards the family backgrounds of the Southerners under his command. I don’t think he can hold his personal prejudices against them in check which makes him unfit to command them as he may find it reasonable to place those troops lives in jeopardy

In short, if he cannot keep his personal opinions out of his military duties he should be relieved of his command.

I for one will be contacting my Congressmen & Senators asking for his resignation. Our Southern volunteers who are there to serve America do not need to be subjected to his belligerence while trying to accomplish their duty under the conditions of war.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama
U.S. Veteran

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From: Billy Price
To: Robert Bateman
Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2008
Subject: Re: SHNV

Bateman, Knowing that you are from Ohio tells me that you are more interested in counter-cultural touchy, feely good things in life than you are about constitutional law & what was or was not legal in the 18th & 19th centuries.

The Articles of Confederation read that it was a perpetual union of states, this is why the US constitution came about as it was not binding any state to stay in the union against it wishes.

So before you keep condemning the Old Confederate States of the South for practicing slavery you better take into account that your holier than thou northern states hands are just as dirty as ours & probably more so when it comes to the issue of importing slaves.

For starters after the colonies formed the union northern states practiced slavery under the good old star & stripes of the United States government for 80 more years not counting the couple of hundreds years that preceded this. Ever wonder why? Because the founders of the US were all of European decent & formed it for the benefit of their descendants & not one else that’s why. Congress even took a vote on whether or not to allow Jews in America.

The three largest ports of entry to the US for slave ships fly your stripped banner was New York, Philadelphia & Boston. Had slaves worked out in your industrial plants I assure you they would still be there up north in those plants today however, they did not workout & were sold South to work on plantations. There has never been one single documented case of a slave ship flying a Confederate flag.

Slaves were a valuable commodity in the South, less than 5% of the population could afford to own one. So plantations being a concentration camp for slaves to be systematically exterminated is something only a blind, rabid fool would believe. Were slaves beaten & mistreated, in some instances yes, on average no. Some men beat their wives so, are all men wife beaters? If your luxury car does not start one morning do you beat the headlights & windows out of it, no you don’t. Same thing with slaves, there was no love or hate relationship in the practice, only pure economics

Even old Ape Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was a farce by him to get re-elected president in 1864. It freed no slaves in the South still under Confederate rule, it did however keep the slaves of the north & border states in the fields growing cotton for union uniforms & growing indigo to dye them blue. Lincoln hated blacks & said so on many occasions. After he freed them his next plan was to colonize islands in the Gulf of Mexico with them because as he stated, " the white race is the superior one over blacks " and they should not be allowed to integrate into white American society.

After the War Between the States the Southern states had to look to the northern states to borrow Jim Crow Laws. My state of Alabama patterned hers after those of the yankee state of Indiana. Need I go on about the short comings of the union as you can look up these facts and more about that heaven above the Mason – Dixon line?

So don’t come pointing a finger at us looking down your nose in such a condescending manner about an individuals public display of a Confederate flag. If it offends you well, its not against the law to be offended in America. Your beloved union’s history is nothing but a pack of two faced lies only believed by the ignorant or those who refuse to see those facts. Which one are you, the one who wont take into consideration ALL the facts?

Billy E. Price

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From: Robert Bateman
To: billy price
Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2008
Subject: RE: SHNV


No, you are wrong. Your "national origin" is the Union of the United States of America. There is no such "nation" as "the South." It is an imagined community, at best. Therefore, as an imaginary country/nation, it cannot be discriminated against.

I am not against southerners Billy. I am against those who support the memory of the Slave States and their murderous, bondage-based, rape-enabling, reason for committing treason (as it is defined, in the Constitution which you yourself claim to have sworn an oath to). Many, if not most, of my soldiers from the deep South have been African-American though, so somehow I find it a wee bit dubious that you claim to represent them in an EEO complaint. You only get the "more from the South" sobriquet IF you include BLACK Southerners Billy. Without the Black Southern veterans, the South falls behind. Or did it never occur to you that there were black southerners? Funny how you might have missed that point. I leave it to you to ponder.

Do you even HAVE any personal link to the Confederacy Billy, or is this something your family took up after they emigrated here in the 1880s or 1920s? If not, it’s not "Your" alleged "gallant" heritage. It’s somebody elses. Find your own from that era.

The Stars and Bars represent traitors to me. Pure and simple. I am not a politician, so I can say that. I am a historian, so I can demonstrate it. As I said, if you DO have a veteran ancestor, find his REGIMENTAL flag. Fly that. He enlisted for his neighbors and buddies and community. USUALLY, NOT to defend the elites and their slaveholding economic system. HIS regimental flag I respect.

The United States cannot "illegally" invade itself Billy. Moreover, the traitors who defied their oaths to the Constitution (former United States officers) and opened fire on US property in Charleston Harbor initiated things. Did they not teach you that in school?

If you were public with your advocation of the State of Slavery that was the Confederacy your African-American Marines must have detested you, and had you ever seen sustained combat, I have strong doubts you would have survived the fire likely to come your way from both directions.

Some Gunny you must have been to your Black soldiers. Pathetic.