Since you obviously love the Confederate Flag, I am sure you will love this and I hope you will be willing to help me with the project. Below you will find the words to the song "Ghost of a Rebel Soldier" which I recently recorded.

This song has landed me 4 nominations in this year’s Southern Heritage Music Awards and I need your vote and the votes of other folks who love the flag as much as I do. The categories I am nominated in are Female Artist of the Year, Single Release of the Year, Up and Coming Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.

Here is a direct link to the voting page:

You can also get more info about me and the song as well as info about the Confederate Flag at my website:

I would also be happy to send you an MP3 if you have an Internet connection fast enough to download the file. Just return this email with your request.

It would really be nice to win this for the sake of showing people how much we love our flag and that we have NO intention of hiding her! I hope you’ll help with your daily vote.

Love and Blessings
Candy Lyn Rabbitt

The Ghost of a Rebel Soldier rode into town today
And from his horse the Stars and Bars he proudly did display
He’d carried her at Gettysburg, Antietam just before
And he’d held her high as he lost his life in the Civil War

A black man made a gesture, he didn’t understand
Another yelled, "Hey, look at him, he must be from the Klan!"
A man in some strange uniform said, "Put that flag away!"
He said, "I’m a Rebel Soldier Sir, this flag is gonna stay!"


Don’t make her into something she was never meant to be
She never stood for hate, she stood for Southern Liberty
So let the Stars and Bars fly high for all the world to see
She’s the flag of the Grand old South, a part of history

They told him that his flag was bad and stood for evil things
But the Rebel Soldier had never heard of Martin Luther King
To him it stood for Dixie where the Sweet Magnolias grow
He said, "Don’t disrespect this flag, or I’ll have to lay you low"


I am a Rebel Soldier, I fly this flag with pride
It represents my Southern home and all those men who died
Don’t tarnish her with ignorance, with disrespect and lies
She’s the grand ol flag of Dixie her glory I won’t hide

She’s the grand ol flag of DIXIE and her glory we won’t hide!

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