The Constitution lost


Your editorial does not mention the issues that were at issue during the War to Prevent Southern Independence. The fact that you used the phrase "YOU lost, get over it." indicates that you are not a Southerner, in case anyone had any doubts.

The truth of the matter is that the Constitution lost as a result of that war.

The US Constitution, specified that habeas corpus could be suspended ONLY by CONGRESS for a limited period of time during national emergencies, not by the Executive for an indefinite period of time.

The US Constitution forbade the federal government to invade any sovereign state.

The US Constitution forbade the division of any state (Virginia).

The US Constitution did not allow arrest and incarceration of state legislators (Maryland) simply because of belief that they would vote on an issue in a way that did not favor the interests of the United States.

The US Constitution did NOT forbid secession. As proof of this consider the fact that one of the texts that were used to instruct cadets at West Point specifically stated this. Consider also the fact that Jefferson Davis was held in federal prison for the purpose of being tried for treason while the US government searched unsuccessfully for any lawyer who would take the case. None being found, Davis was released for that reason alone.

All of these so-called "safeguards" of the US Constitution were lost when the Empire of the North succeeded in supressing the fight for freedom and liberty by the South. The fact that the South lost the war does NOT mean that the South was wrong, nor does it mean that the quest for liberty will cease simply because might won out. The struggle continues. The fact that Hitler was temporarily successful did not guarantee his victory in perpetuity. Other tyrants have also been overthrown, although it sometimes takes more than time seems right to the freedom-lovers. Just as the Roman Empire was ultimately defeated, the US Empire will also see defeat. The US Empire is following the same steps to defeat that the Roman Empire did. Deterioration of standards, loss of national language, loss of national identity, failure to protect its borders, etc. Read "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." It may improve your understanding of the issues. Failure to learn from history dooms people to repeat it. Although the CSA did not prevail in its quest for adherence to the US Constitution, neither did the Constitution itself. In its victory, the USA destroyed its own Constitution.

GM Forsythe

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