LOS Will be Flagging of NAACP on MLK Day


I can think of no better way of honoring the legacy and memory of Lee and Jackson than by proudly flying our banners in the face of our adversaries. This is an important flagging for our cause and the SC League of the South could use our help (see the forwarded message below). I plan to be at the South Carolina State House on the 21st of January with my Battleflag. Who will join me?

K. Steven Monk
Chairman, Middle Georgia Chapter
New Confederate Partisans

Calling All Red Shirts

This will be the fifth year that the South Carolina LOS has flagged the NAACP on MLK Day Monday 21 January at the State House. We need all of our people to show up and help us protest this hate group. As added incentive this year, we understand that Hillary and Husan Obama will be there. Come help us welcome them to Dixie.

You do not need to bring anything (we will have plenty of signs, flags, etc. for everyone). Try to get to the north side of the State House on Gervais Street by 10:00 AM. Due to it being a holiday, there will be free parking at a public parking garage about a block from the capitol a short distance up Assembly Street.

Put on your red shirts or Confederate shirts and come flag with us.